Wild Hog

February 23rd, 2007 // 6 Comments

Here’s Johnny Trav. His new film is about middle-aged porky guys who go on a motorcycle trip to regain their youth. Kind of like City Slickers but gayer. Seriously, and not to be a complete bitch, but no one’s buyin’ the wedding ring, John. We’ve all seen the picture of you making out with your sideline hoe on the steps of your jet. You’re gayer than me. What I like about you is that you don’t really make an effort to hide it and are kinda “eh” about it. Like there’s numerous reports of you looking for D in the steam rooms of gyms in the cities you film movies in and it’s like, eh. Pictures of you kissing your guy on the runway. Eh. Reports that Kelly Preston kinda hangs out for the kids and because there’s money because no one saw Cat in the Hat. Eh. I like that in a guy! In the closet, out me if you must, but I’m not gonna worry about it. We love you, Johnny Trav!


By J. Harvey

  1. sandy

    Yeah, why does the drive-by media give him a pass?
    Do we love him so much that we can’t reveal the truth about him? Does the idea of Vinny Barbarino
    being gay bother us THAT much? I don’t care who’s gay or not. It’s their business imo. I just don’t get the big (non) secret about John. You KNOW Oprah knows. Eh, who cares?

  2. No one seems to care about outing any celebrities. I really think the world would benifit from more out gay celebrities, but for some reason the press is more interested in Britney sitting on a dirty bench than exposing the homosexual relocation program in Hollywood. I’d like to see more of Travolta’s boy toy. He was hot.

  3. Clay, Hayden!! Scoot over will ya?!

    Oh Honey, don’t hold your breath. Barbarino “ain’t” coming outta anywhere soon! Besides, he’s got A LOT of company back there in that ‘lil ‘o’ closet of his!
    I hear Tom Cruise takes up a BIG portion of space with all his high-heeled shoes!!

  4. Who gives a flying eff if someone is gay or not? It is not like he is Ted Haggard (the right-wing James Dobson Christian business ‘minister’ who was caught snorting meth with a gay prostitute for three years).

    I could care less about someone’s sex life or their private behaviours except when they try to preach morals to others, e.g. Rudy Guiliani, Newt Gingrich, Dennis Hastert lecturing Clinton about getting an extramarital BJ while they themselves are poking their secretaries while married or George Bush Jr. himself snorting coke, smoking dope and getting DUIs and then throwing others in jail while TX governor when he himself gets a pass for the same actions.

    Get off the gay-phobia bandwagon. Gay is not the way that I was born, but it is a fact people are born that way and as long as they do not hurt others that is ok. America is not and never has been a nation based on gay-hating values, nor Christian values, nor Muslim values etc., but a nation based upon living and let live.

    You are of course entitled to your own medieval beliefs, as am I challenging those beleifs.

  5. Some that are gay don’t feel that they were born gay–some that are gay feel that they had homosexual ‘tendencies’ at age two…
    Unfortunately, no one can say conclusively which came first: one’s ‘straightness’ or one’s ‘gayness’.
    Not feeling too hot about gayness doesn’t mean that an individual is phobic (a.k.a. “scared”)about homosexuality. I’m not one of those people who likes capri pants–but I don’t fear them. Making statements that are absurd–is an absurd practice.

  6. maxx said: America is not and never has been a nation based on gay-hating values, nor Christian values, nor Muslim values etc., but a nation based upon living and let live.




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