Why Is Lindsay Lohan MIA At Fashion Week?

We haven’t seen Lindsay Lohan at NYC Fashion Week this year and whatever the reason we know it’s not by choice. That girl never misses a chance to be pretend she’s a part of the fashion world and you know that over the top outfit was not really meant for going to the movies in London today.  Rumors are swirling that she wasn’t invited to Jill Stuart’s show and that she has been labeled a “brand damager.”

“A lot of designers, and especially Jill’s camp, don’t think she’s worth all the press she’d get their show” an industry insider told the Daily News. We only need Ungaro, bars, restaurants, and retailers to figure this out and Linds looses her power. The revolution may begin soon – word is that only G-Star would take her.

Plus after throwing  alcohol and cigarettes at ex Samantha Ronson, Lohan had no weaponry left to take on the DJ who would be there with her designer sister Charlotte Ronson.

“Fashion Week kind of belongs to the Ronsons,” a source told the paper, “and Charlotte had Lindsay banned from both her show and after-party.”

Eh, I’m not so inclined to believe that a) Lindsay decided to run away from drama b) there aren’t other parties at Fashion Week and c) Samantha Ronson runs shit.

Check out the gallery for a lady in the purple who clearly doesn’t know Lindsay, and Lindsay  looking freaked out that the woman is touching her.