Why Is Kristen Stewart Jealous Of Ashley Greene?

August 27th, 2010 // 9 Comments

Allegedly, Kristen Stewart is jealous that the Twihards love Ashley Greene much more than her. After the outfit she’s donning in her new movie LOL, I’m not sure how long fans will stick by Greene.

‘Sources’ are saying that Kristen is not happy (maybe because she rarely smiles and just feels overly awkward during press events?) about being dissed, especially at the Teen Choice Awards.

Kristen, 20, apparently was feeling down and that’s why boyfriend Robert Pattinson flew to visit her on the set of her movie On The Road in Montreal to comfort and reassure her.

“Kristen hates awards shows. She’s tripped up onstage before and is always called shy and unsexy by pundits,” the source said.

Check out more photos of Greene in her high suede boots and a fur coat on the set of her movie that she’s shooting with Miley Cyrus!

By Justin Thompson

  1. Marie

    I smell bullshit. Kristen jealous of Ashley? Yeah, whatever.

    • Justin Thompson

      Oh, I’m sure it is total bullshit. I feel Kristen couldn’t even get bothered by such nonsense.

  2. worksy

    LMAO! No way Kristen is jealous of someone only getting bit parts in insignificant movies. The only reason fans might possibly like Ashley Greene more is because she poses naked.

  3. Sherry

    Totally agree with Marie and worksy! I like that name by the way!! LOL!! Kristen is so much more talented than Ashley. I like Ashley but she needs to be looking for better roles to play. The posing nude for selling water was a bit much! She is beautiful but Kristen is naturally beautiful and she doesn’t need to flaunt it to get the jobs. That is the difference between Kristen and Ashley. Kristen has never had to do that to get $$ and never will. She is an actor and that is what she wants to do. Ashley has been in about 20 minutes of each Twilight movie. I have seen her in one other movie. So please don’t start comparing the two there! LOL!!! You people must be hurting for something new to write!

  4. haleluiahhhhhhhhhh

    love you girls….for suporting kristen but more important for telling the truth this is the most stuppid thing i ever hear….kristen is very beautiful she is funny talented and when she’s shy she’s more atractive,so stop telling bullshits!!ooo i understand why everyone wish too be true what is write in this articole..because apart that she is beautiful talented…etc etc she have even the most beautiful man in the world they are gourgeous together!!!

  5. john

    makes me puke to read that kristen is a classy girl while ashely is a slut she have a nude photo of her self remember like vannesa hudgence

  6. Ismell#ullshit

    PLEASE!!! Kristen Jealous of Ashley????? what a joke!!!! First of all this is another story to get people to read about Ashley,… see ashley does not matter and not a very good actress so she has to try hard really hard thereforem is a camera Hoe!!! and the only way her agent can get her to be noticed is by making up stories like this one. This time they chose Kristen the funny part is that Kristen is very private and does not what the shit the Ashley wants so WHAT GIVES with this stupid story?????

  7. missy

    Jealous..I think not..AG would have to have talent and quit dressing like a famewhore to be any compitition for Kristen..and we know thats not happening..where do you people come up with this crap..Kristen is class..Ashley is not..lol!

  8. dave

    Kristen jealous of Ashley..I think not..lmao..what are you people smoking..noone cares about that famewhore AG..when she gets some talent..let us know..Kristen is class and true brains and beauty all rolled into one..ashley is..wait what is ashley..not much of shite really!

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