Why Is Kristen Stewart Jealous Of Ashley Greene?

Allegedly, Kristen Stewart is jealous that the Twihards love Ashley Greene much more than her. After the outfit she’s donning in her new movie LOL, I’m not sure how long fans will stick by Greene.

‘Sources’ are saying that Kristen is not happy (maybe because she rarely smiles and just feels overly awkward during press events?) about being dissed, especially at the Teen Choice Awards.

Kristen, 20, apparently was feeling down and that’s why boyfriend Robert Pattinson flew to visit her on the set of her movie On The Road in Montreal to comfort and reassure her.

“Kristen hates awards shows. She’s tripped up onstage before and is always called shy and unsexy by pundits,” the source said.

Check out more photos of Greene in her high suede boots and a fur coat on the set of her movie that she’s shooting with Miley Cyrus!