Why I Love ‘How I Met Your Mother’

If you recall Socialite Life has a sister blog called Recapist. Our recappers are passionate about the shows they recap, so every Friday we’ll be featuring a recapping professing their love for their beloved show.

By PR Diva

I heart recapping “How I Met Your Mother.” Considering the few comedies that are left on the good old boob tube it’s nice to know that “HIMYM” is waiting for me after a long Monday at work.

I mean seriously, how can you not love Barney, AKA Neil Patrick Harris. He probably is the only womanizing man that I might actually give the time of day to. Basically, because of reasons like thinking Bob Barker is his Dad, yelling things like “Suit up” and his classic game of “Have you met Ted?” I think I need to try that one with my girlfriends.

Then there is Ted Mosby, AKA Josh Radnor, who I believe to be my future husband. In fact, I think you are waiting for me to show up on the show as the MotherJ. He is kind, considerate, devoted, and determined; something impossible to find in Los Angeles men. The show makes me root for Ted finding true love and hope that decent men are still out there.

My favorite aspect of the show is the friendship that Ted, Barney, Lily, Marshall and Robin have. No matter what their funny quirks are, like chewing too loudly; I’m not going to name any names (Lily) they are always there for each other. Look at Marshall and Lily’s breakup and Robin when she makes the best out of the fact that Lily and Marshall’s apartment is crooked by jumping on a skateboard across their living room floor, inventing the game “apartment roller luge.” Now that is friendship.

I honestly haven’t enjoyed a comedy this much since “Friends.” I’m hoping HIMYM will be able to make it on the air as long. I know I wouldn’t mind another seven years of Ted, Barney, Lily, Marshall and Robin.