Why I Don’t Watch Laguna Beach

November 4th, 2005 // 15 Comments

My eyes! Honey, you’re at an event, and not in Laguna Beach.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. GirlyGirl

    I love this show. It is like a big old bottle of NightTrain to a whino… you just can’t stop yourself.

    And Kristin is Queen Bee. She drinks, she fucks, she does whatever the hell she wants… including wear ugly ass Pocahontas boots.

  2. freakinsweet

    Isn’t her 15 minutes over yet!

  3. candycorn

    is miss thang really wants to become part of the hollywood gliteratti, she’s going to have to make like hillary duff and dump the fraps for some ice chips and carrot sticks. me thinks the rolling stone layout employed a bit of the old airbrush technique.

  4. netty

    I HATE this show and I CANT STAND this bitch. she needs to be slapped big time!! Its so fake trying to be a REALITY show. Why do people get into this shit??

  5. bratbastid

    Did she think she were going to a bar crawl? She reminds me of those trashy Long Island girls that would end up on their back before they cut off the beer…

  6. freakinsweet

    She looks unwashed.

  7. Alikat

    shut up about LI girls- they arent all like that. Im sick of people “hatin on” LI!

  8. freakinsweet

    Yeah…Long Island is a class act. hehe


    I thought this chick was loaded. WHY is she wearing payless boots????

  10. AlongCameMary

    And for the love of God, when will women learn that a “nude” color bra works wonders for nearly every top? (eye roll)

  11. Silasdog

    Who is this bimbette?

  12. Canadian Born

    shut up miu! you know you watch that damn show just like the rest of us who won’t admit it.

  13. keldawn

    I’m so sick and tired of hearing about laguna beach. Sorry for not giving a shit about a bunch of spoiled, skanky, rich drama queens.

  14. Rachel

    eww. those boots look scruffy. could someone tell her that she’s not going to the beach.

  15. Alikat

    Freakinsweet-where are you from that’s so great? Ppl who generalize people from such a broad area are so ignorant…

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