Why Does Kathie Lee Act Like Hoda’s Grandma?

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What I love about the dynamic on the third hour of The Today Show (which is the television equivalent to Taco Bell’s 4th meal) is that Hoda Kotb is so full of energy and pizazz and Kathie Lee Gifford usually acts like a dirty old man, with winks and nudges to the audience at home by the innuendo that comes out of her mouth.

Even more than that, is that they are usually drinking. Very randomly, Hoda will have a segment called ‘Hoda’s Playlist’ where she picks a really random song and tells people to get into it. However, this time Kathie Lee was not having any fun with the Flo Rida jam.

I enjoy the fact that Kathie Lee says, “I really like him, he’s a sweet guy.” But she painfully grimaces through the entire segment like a curmudgeon grandma, with Hoda playing the doe-eyed teen.

In other words, it was television magic.