Why Carry The Kids Yourself When You Have A Nanny?

April 30th, 2007 // 15 Comments

I’ll give her a pass since Juila Roberts is pregnant, which I keep forgetting. This is due to the fact that she’s completely fallen off of my star radar. Do you really care about Julia Roberts as much as you used to?


By Jessica Marx

  1. maureen

    Never did; don’t now; never will. ugh.

  2. 1 cat

    I don’t think I ever cared about Julia Roberts.

  3. Janna

    Julia Roberts is my favorite actress of all time.
    Mystic Pizza, Pretty Woman,all of her movies.By the way that is her sister Lisa, not a nanny.

  4. jeepy

    that’s not a nanny…it’s julia roberts’ sister!

  5. Kary

    That’s not the nanny – Its her sister Lisa

  6. Dana

    I haven’t cared for her in years, not since the whole Danny Moder thing. She handled herself with absolutely NO class. She was so irritated that his (ex)wife (Vera) wouldn’t give him a divorce fast enough – it’s not bad enough that Julia (a movie star) stole Vera’s husband, but then Julia ridiculed her for not divorcing fast enough….just awful. So much for “America’s Sweetheart”. Everyone gives Angelina such a bad rap for Brad, but hardly anyone ever mentions Julia and Danny. Only because Vera isn’t famous. Sad.

  7. come on

    she’s pregnant! if i’d had someone i paid to help out around when i was pregnant i’d do the same…

  8. Tonysgirl

    Julia is okay, but not on my top list of people to watch in movies, or anything for that matter. She looks very obnoxious.

  9. shannon

    I’ve NEVER cared about her…

    Even professionaly she pretty much plays the same character in every movie, just with a diff name and bad situation. Watch a few of her movies in a row, you’ll see.

  10. mag

    You people just wrong. She is great actress and has a lot of different caracters. And Julia has much much more talent and class than so called new Hollywood stars like Peris or Britney or Linsey….

  11. juliafan!!

    She is looking great!!AND that is not nanny She is her sister L?SA !?and stupid title??Why Carry The Kids Yourself When You Have A Nanny?

  12. Linda

    Uhmm.. she’s 6-7 months pregnant, you’re not allowed to carry heavy stuff in her condition. And that’s not a nanny, that’s her older sister Lisa.

  13. love spirals downwards

    i care more about julia that i ever will about lindsay, paris, whoever the flavor of the time of the month is. at least, she’s happy and has a family. she is above this whole blog crazy world and tabloid frenzy business. so above. and people know it.
    she looks good.

  14. Ang

    She’s been nothing more than a white trash skank since she broke up the Moder marriage. I used to think she was charming. Blegh!

  15. Michelle

    That’s her SISTER not a nanny, research before you write!

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