Why Are The Tabloids Are Shying Away From The Gay Rumors?

It’s been a long time since a celebrity was outed in the tabloids. The tabloids would like us to think that it’s all because there is such an acceptance of homosexuality in today’s society that we, the public, wouldn’t care. So why report that Jude Law had an affair with his nanny, when you can’t report that John Booze had an affair with his trainer? I have a feeling that it’s more of a financial issue than a moral issue.

The tabloids are afraid of being sued, and they are also afraid of losing access to a celebrity. Especially when it’s a gay rumor. I mean, look at Tom Cruise, he’s sued multiple times over any accusation that he’s homosexual. Why do you think that there are so many gay blind items these days? It’s the easy way out in outing someone. Let the public figure it out for themselves, right? This way the tabloids don’t have to name any names.

Aside from the occasional snide, wink-wink caption under a photograph of a star and his or her same-sex “companion” or “personal assistant,” the celebrity press is increasingly careful not to name names.

Star magazine, known for its sometimes questionable inside scoop on celebrities’ personal lives, even went out and made it official when Editor Bonnie Fuller (search) recently said that the periodical would no longer out closeted homosexuals.

“I don’t believe there’s still an appetite out there for that kind of information,” American Media (search) spokesman Stu Zakim said in response to a call to Fuller. “It’s something we’re not doing. I think there’s been a mass change in acceptance of people’s sexuality, so that it’s really irrelevant to their celebrity status.

“People come to pick up Star magazine because they want the latest in celebrity news in who’s going out with whom — whether boy or girl — who’s wearing what to the events. Star presents breaking news first, and we do not consider people’s sexual preference news. It’s private, period.”

While this site would never publicly out someone – we feel that it’s up to that individual to do so themselves – we do entertain the thought of who may or may not be gay. Why? Because curiosity killed the cat. Plus the mystery of not knowing is half the fun. Do we really care if Hayden Christensen is gay or not? No. Would we care? Please. Do we wonder? Yes.

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