Why Are The Tabloids Are Shying Away From The Gay Rumors?

July 27th, 2005 // 10 Comments

It’s been a long time since a celebrity was outed in the tabloids. The tabloids would like us to think that it’s all because there is such an acceptance of homosexuality in today’s society that we, the public, wouldn’t care. So why report that Jude Law had an affair with his nanny, when you can’t report that John Booze had an affair with his trainer? I have a feeling that it’s more of a financial issue than a moral issue.

The tabloids are afraid of being sued, and they are also afraid of losing access to a celebrity. Especially when it’s a gay rumor. I mean, look at Tom Cruise, he’s sued multiple times over any accusation that he’s homosexual. Why do you think that there are so many gay blind items these days? It’s the easy way out in outing someone. Let the public figure it out for themselves, right? This way the tabloids don’t have to name any names.

Aside from the occasional snide, wink-wink caption under a photograph of a star and his or her same-sex “companion” or “personal assistant,” the celebrity press is increasingly careful not to name names.

Star magazine, known for its sometimes questionable inside scoop on celebrities’ personal lives, even went out and made it official when Editor Bonnie Fuller (search) recently said that the periodical would no longer out closeted homosexuals.

“I don’t believe there’s still an appetite out there for that kind of information,” American Media (search) spokesman Stu Zakim said in response to a call to Fuller. “It’s something we’re not doing. I think there’s been a mass change in acceptance of people’s sexuality, so that it’s really irrelevant to their celebrity status.

“People come to pick up Star magazine because they want the latest in celebrity news in who’s going out with whom — whether boy or girl — who’s wearing what to the events. Star presents breaking news first, and we do not consider people’s sexual preference news. It’s private, period.”

While this site would never publicly out someone – we feel that it’s up to that individual to do so themselves – we do entertain the thought of who may or may not be gay. Why? Because curiosity killed the cat. Plus the mystery of not knowing is half the fun. Do we really care if Hayden Christensen is gay or not? No. Would we care? Please. Do we wonder? Yes.

To Out or Not to Out: Tabs Keep Rumors Away From Public [FOXNews]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. morty z

    I will batten down the hatches in preparation of a good bashing, but…
    I’ve always thought it’s hypocritical of gossip hounds to omit tattling about closeted same sex pairings. If two guys are caught in a parking garage, as one early summer blind item mentioned, why not let the details out? Yes, I know, lawsuits and all. Personally, I would start looking at Star Mag if they would shut up ease up on the old recycled Brad-Angelina, Jessica-Nick, Paris-Nicole, etc etc. and reveal some real surprises. Is it because the hetero couples feed Star press releases they they can easily rehash?

  2. copycat

    It seems credible to me that Hayden Christensen is a rather shy young man who likes to hang out with guys and snog girls. Granted, he has the kind of face that could unhinge a wide range of people, but the frenzy he seems to be causing among some in the gossip industry is getting ridiculous. These folks are dying for him to rise to their bait by making some kind of public spectacle of himself with a member of either sex. I’m betting he’s too grounded and smart to fall for it.

  3. sillyminnie

    I agree. I think HC is so shy and reserved and also smart enough not to believe what is printed about him or be baited by them. He also has quite the cyberstalker who seems to do alot of the rumor-mongering for these tabloids….

  4. J

    Oh, come on……………..hayden has been busted 2 times now by camera phones toungue kissing a guy. he has openly said he is thinking about leaving hollywood for good to become an architect where his life is more free (uhm can come out openly)

    Tabloids outing people???!!! It is all tom the freak…..and yes all of america now realizes the truth about you cruise……….fault. brad never sued over gay rumors because well…..real straight men don’t need to prove anything.

    Blame Tom for the hush hush in the tabloids. There is a special place in hell for Tom cruise ……who has done more to set back the gay community than any other star.

    I so can’t wait to see MI 3 flop so we can finally sweep this lieing freak under the rug.

  5. sunnyday

    HC’s been busted? well of course..but there are no pics or any video on any websites thus far.

    Pshaw, I am sure if it existed, we would have seen it…over and over again.

    There’s no need to lie about stuff, people can call your bluff, dude..

    I think the tabloids know that since so many of there blind items come from unreliable sources they are better off not “outing” anyone since so much of there information comes from dubious sources in the 1st place….like you J ;)

  6. jimbo

    DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! the pictures are out. hayden kissing pics were in Star, enquirer, etc……. the official report from hayden’s handelers was that he was in europe and kissing/ greeting like the europeans. though the europeans do it on the cheeks not the mouth.

    They were shown around the world………. like last month.

    ROFLMAO talk about out of date queens…..catch up buddy…you are so out of it.

  7. reason

    I just wanted to ask – what is fueling all these gay rumors? You back up your claims they he is gay by saying that there were pictures of him kissing his “boyfriend” in west hollywood, or that he’s been exposed twice through cell phone pictures of him kissing guys.

    YET, I have not seen a SINGLE picture substantiaitng any of this. They say these pictures are out there, yet all I see in these threads are pictures of him kissing girls, being linked with them, or posing with guys. You would think that if people were adamant he was gay, they would back that up with a picture of him that they claim exists.

    People use the kiss with Ewan McGregor (in front of everybody at the Star Wards Revenege of the Sith Premiere in London) as evidence that he is gay. Is Ewan gay? Is he not married? Is some who is closeted do that in front of all those people, or would someone comfortable with their sexuality do that?

    Secondly, in the Lord of the Rings Return of the King premiere, didnt Dominic Moghanan (of Lost fame) kiss Orlando Bloom on the lips in front of everybody? I did not hear a peep from these people of the two being gay. How the hell can people speak of all these double standards without realzing themsleves on how baseless they sound?

  8. hotest guy ever a.k.a HC is noy GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Cassie Osborne

    I think that celerbrities shouldn’t
    be gay because other people look up
    to them and they could turn gay.
    I wouldn’t want all of the men to
    turn gay because then I wouldn’t
    find me a good man that isn’t gay.
    I wished everyone would stop being
    gay because boys are supposed to
    like girls not boys and girls are
    supposed to like boys not girls.
    Thank you!!!!!

  10. misslinda

    Amen, Cassie!!

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