Why You Should Go See ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ This Weekend

ATTENTION: Calling all Wes Anderson fans from all around the world – you can now officially rejoice!

*Insert “Hallejuah!” gospel song here*

That’s right, the man known for bringing quirky, lovable characters to life by placing them in both exceptionally unique and intriguing worlds is baah-aaack with a new film.  And word on the street is that it just might be his greatest achievement yet.

Time has passed slowly since we’ve last had the pleasure of submerging ourselves into one of Anderson’s fantastical adventures, as we were left only wanting more after the release of his critically acclaimed film Moonrise Kingdom, during the Summer of 2012.

Now two – excruciatingly, painfully long – years later, Wes has outdone himself yet again with his newest masterpiece The Grand Budapest Hotelin which he takes us to the fictitious country of Zubrowka, a part of Central Europe that is between wars and also the home of the famous Grand Budapest Hotel in 1932.

The film centers around the inhabitants and employees of the hotel, mainly recounting the adventures of M. Gustave (Ralph Fiennes), a renowned concierge, and the lobby boy named Zero Moustafa (Tony Revolori) who inevitably becomes his most trusted sidekick and friend.

As per usual, it includes an impressive cast with Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray and Saoirse Ronan all in tow. Not to mention, Wes somehow still manages to incorporate his usual airy, pastel touch to an undeniably darker storyline than his usual themes – which in itself is noteworthy.

Since its release last weekend, the film has not only managed to rack up the title of being this year’s biggest screen average and box-office debut by far, but according to Deadline Hollywood, it now also holds the new record for the biggest opening for a live-action film of all time.

With a 800k gross rate over one weekend, the film went leaps and bounds over Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, which had previously held the record.

In addition to all of this buzz however, we should take into account that Mr. Anderson is arguably one of the most original filmmakers of today and to not indulge in what I like to call, a spectacular eye-candy joy ride, such as his films tend to be, is at this point somewhat of a crime.

So there’s really only one thing left to do.

That’s: run, don’t walk, to the nearest theater this weekend to see The Grand Budapest Hotel (seriously, grab your nikes now – just do it) and let that spectacular eye-candy joy ride begin.