Why Was This Aging Actor Hanging Out At Coachella? [Blind Items]

If you are old enough to remember Woodstock, you might be a tad long in the tooth for Coachella. This older celebrity was so out of place at the music festival last weekend that he was getting stares from the twenty-something crowd.

So why was he there? To soak up the sun? To promote peace and love? To drink? Was he hoping that someone would ask him to display his talents on stage? Or was he there to score young women and dr*gs? No on the first four. But yes on the last two. Yep, he’s switched from booze to dr*gs. (via BlindGossip)

Plus one more quickie blind item. 

Which A list pop star has an entire room dedicated to the memory of her relationship with another celeb? Both he and she might have moved on to new partners, but she has a ‘shrine-like’ room in one of her homes where the walls are plastered with pictures, magazine covers and other memorabilia remembering the relationship. (via BuzzFoto)

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