Why Was Matthew Bomer Wearing A Ring On His Wedding Finger At The Golden Globes? [Miu Asks]

January 18th, 2011 // 18 Comments

I’m totally curious. Did we miss a wedding? Did we miss a civil union ceremony? Does Matthew Bomer just like jewelry? I don’t what the answer is, but I’m curious as to what the answer is. Whatever the reason for the ring may be, I say that unless he’s naked, Matthew should wear a tux 24/7.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. jazzmen

    omg, i thought the same thing! rumor has it that he is married to some man and has kids with him..even though hes never said anyhting to deny or confirm..it looks to me that it might be true…a few weeks back he was seen out with some kids heres the link http://boyculture.typepad.com/boy_culture/2010/12/the-kids-stay-out-of-the-picture.html and now he has a wedding ring…that seems to confirm all the rumors..maybe he is the gay all bundy i.e married with children..lol

    jazzmen loria

  2. Jenny

    He’s had the ring on for the last 9 months or so.

  3. pfyre

    Good god – where have you been? He’s been wearing a ring quite often when not on set of WC for MONTHS. He’s in a long term obviously serious relationship and he and his partner are raising kids. ’nuff said

  4. Johnny
    Commented on this photo:

    Easily the most handsome man on the planet. I’s great genetics or he’s sold his soul to the devil. Either way, delicious.

  5. David in Houston

    The only sad thing is, he can’t bring his partner with him to The Golden Globes. If Hollywood (and our society) weren’t so homophobic, he could have spent one of the most special nights in his life with the person he loves.

  6. Aman-About-Town

    He was wearing the ring at Comic-Con last summer.

  7. Mary

    The ring says he is taken. That he is gay is beside the point and his business. It is a shame his partner couldn’t be openly with him at the GG and Kennedy Honors to which he took his very proud Mom.

    Luv that man!

  8. Lucy

    @ David in Houston. Matt did bring his partner with him to the GGs. They were seated next to one another at the dinner, and were in the background in shots of the dinner guests a number of times. They just didn’t walk the red carpet together.

  9. Allie

    He was wearing a wedding ring in the Jimmy Kimmel interview as well.

  10. Blaire

    Why would anyone expect the hottest man in show business not to already be taken?

  11. martha

    okay so hes gay honestly in this day in age who cares hes good at his job we is entertaining us so there shouldnt be a problem its not like he lied about hiding missles or something.as a person who know “famous” people they dont want everyone to know every detail of thier lives or looking at pics of thier kids and learning about hem .l=think oabout would u want that for your kids.yes not talking about them is wierd but can u blame them

    • matty

      that is the problem with this world no one cares about anything anymore. it is not normal and i am sick of hollywood stuffing it down r throats, i will never watch him ever again on tv just as i wont with anderson cooper. they r freaks. people have no morals ,. religion. i think all these nuts believe in is the devil.

  12. leticia

    ele deve usar esse anel só por usar muitas pessoas usam e nao tem nenhum tipo de relaçao
    mas se ele tiver é uma pena

  13. RJ

    If you look hard enough there are also invites with him and Simon together as partners.

    I’ve dealt with the fact that another man I think is perfect is gay. Oh well. Why do we always get crappy straight men? Urgh.

  14. Pete

    Listen people it doesn’t matter if he’s gay or not, married or not, what matters is first and foremost that he is happy/healthy and second that he is a damn good actor. Let all the speculation go after all would “knowing” the truth change whether you’re a fan or not? If it would change your oppinion then I would say you’re not a true fan of him or his work and you should stop obsessing anyway.

    • mary

      ur right if he wanted us to know he would tell us. We shouldnt care if is or not wanting to know is just away of sating ur not a true fan.

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