Why Should You Vote Today? The Kardashians Are, That’s Why. [PHOTOS]

The Kardashians
Kim, Kylie and Kendall film their reality show.
It’s that day again, my fellow Americans! The day we get to choose who will lead the America float in the Earth Parade, for the next 4 years. That’s right, it is election day! With so many people around the country getting involved in the upcoming election-to-end-all-elections, it’s impossible not to have some opinion on the candidates; even those of us who concern ourselves with the decidedly more light-hearted world of pop culture. Many of getting Hollywood’s biggest stars like Jared Leto, Eva Longoria, and Zach Braff have been speaking out about the Presidential elections, to name a few, urging you to get involved. Despite the abundance of people (famous and unknown alike) rooting for both sides, the one thing that everyone can agree upon is the notion to vote, vote, vote! 

The voices urging us all to vote are even coming from some of the most unexpected mouths. Both Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian tweeted yesterday about voting on election day. Kim, who, along with her sister, is currently living in Miami, Florida to film their show Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, tweeted a picture showing her absentee ballot, and encouraged her millions of twitter followers to “Vote how YOU want.” No word on who Kardashian number 2 is specifically voting for, but judging by a few previous tweets praising the President for his views on same-sex marriage,  I’d say she’s looking pretty blue in this election. Kourtney posted a similar image, with a similar message, imploring everyone on twitter to ” educate yourself and VOTE.”

Well, at least we know that the Kardashian sisters are politically involved. That’s quite impressive, I admit. Regardless of who they will vote for, and regardless of who YOU will vote for,  take the time today to voice your opinion on who you think should lead America. Gotta preserve the American dream of money, fame ,and not having to work hard to get either of the the previous, after all. That’s what America’s about!

Meanwhile, in Miami (what a fun sentence to write)  Kim Kardashian is hard at work keeping fit in Miami, and perpetuating the her show over there, so check out the gallery to see that.

And, of course, remember to get out there and vote today! Like the Kardashians say to…