Why Rob Kardashian Is Such A Pathetic Crying Mess?

Um. I have no words.

Rob Kardashian has spoken with Ryan Seacrest as part of a Kardashian Klan special, and god only knows what possessed him to talk about how sad he is about his vanishing wang. Say what? Well Rob calmly explains that his recent weight gain (40 pounds in 2 months) presents another challenge besides the obvious health and image considerations.

That is, Rob says that his little Kardashian looks much smaller now since he’s a bigger guy. Hey, dudes out there … is this a thing? I would think that wangs don’t exactly “disappear” unless one gains a great amount of weight, say, in the hundreds of pounds. Also, I can’t believe Rob is actually admitting this to poor Ryan Seacrest. This has got to be one of the weirdest interviews Seacrest has ever had the misfortune of conducting.

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