Why Is Dominic Cooper Smiling? [PHOTOS]

Maybe Dominic Cooper was just happy to be at the Screening of Lionsgate’s The Devil’s Double at the Regal Cinemas L. A. Live 1 last night in Los Angeles, California. Or someone got some last night.

The actor was spotted with ex-girlfriend Amanda Seyfried at the film’s screening after party, as well as doing some shopping with her earlier in the day.

Cooper can soon be seen on screen in the film Captain America: The First Avenger in the role of Howard Stark (Iron Man’s dad).

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Iamrogue.com asked Cooper if he studied Robert Downey Jr.’s performance as Tony Stark to get an idea for how he should approach playing Howard. Cooper stated,

“Yeah of course, what a wonderful sort of representation to know who you son is going to become. It gave me an idea of how slick he should be, what a wonderful entrepreneur and inventor the man should be. Then you think of the period of time that he grew up in, so it was wonderful. It was just amazing to be part of that Marvel world.”

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