Why Is Adrienne Maloof Wearing Lingerie In Public? Still With Sean Stewart [PHOTOS]

Alright y’all, this is one of those things we’re really gonna have to look at one step at a time.

First off, surprise! Looks like Adrienne Maloof and her boy-toy Sean Stewart haven’t broken things off after all. The duo were spotted last night (March 23) enjoying an evening at Hyde Lounge in Hollywood. Maybe Sean realized he enjoyed the whole “sugar mama” thing a little bit too much.

And now, step deux. Adrienne! What are you wearing?! Why are you wearing that?! Please put on real clothes! Clearly Adrienne is going through a thing right now, but does that mean she can go around wearing lingerie in public?

I’m gonna go ahead and give that a firm, “No.” Not that she doesn’t have a lovely body that she has put a whole lot of time, effort and money in to, but seriously. Apparently the look was all for Perez Hilton’s pajama themed birthday party, but somehow, that still doesn’t make it OK.

What do you think of the lingerie look? Happy she and Sean are back together? Side note: I feel like I would be less offended by this if Sean was wearing a pair of silk boxers and a silk robe. Then it would be a thing. Anyone get that? Check out all the photos in the gallery and leave us your thoughts in the comments!