Whose Hair Is This?

January 23rd, 2006 // 25 Comments

Find out after the jump.

(Images via Oh No They Didn’t)

Why it’s John Travolta‘s. I honestly don’t know what to say.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. King Smart Ian

    Perhaps he’s playing a mentally challenged adult in his next film.

  2. Whoa!

    Not only is he wearing a wig – he’s wearing an awful lot of makeup too! He never looked gayer then this!

  3. STEPH

    i guessed lindsay. but alas, i was wrong. it appears that travolta has the exact same hairline as lohan does.

  4. Kelsey

    Omg…the poor guy..he’s wearing a wig! You can see the under..uh..netting? i dunno, but you can see it in the closeup!!!

  5. Cricket

    Um, but on a guy isn’t it called a toupe?

    [I thought LiLo, too.]

    Travolta’s been Revolta to me for a couple years.
    However, you just put the nail in that coffin.

  6. Snobetty

    kevin bacon

  7. Lynn

    what’s with the hair color? Looks like he has red highlights!

  8. kathyp

    He’s looking alot like Gov. Arnold as well what with the heavy makeup and the red highlights in his “hair”.

  9. ShoeSlut

    Conan O’Brien? Skin tone and hair color seem like a match…

  10. King Smart Ian

    Um….Snobetty and ShoeSlut… You are aware that its a picture of John Travolta right? Not sure why you’re guessing.

  11. The Mav

    What howdy doodie looks like grown up.

    It’s either that, or those nasty theatans jumped back on him.

  12. Fugly Girl

    My original thought was Marcia Cross so he’s definitely got some red dye in that rug. What a shame, it looks awful. He might as well get hair plugs, I think they’d be less obvoius.

  13. Miss Thing

    Was that picture taken on a movie set? That would explain the wig and the makeup.

  14. He has a wig on. John Travolta usually has a shaved head or some stubble. He doesn’t seem to be losing his hair too much but he puts wigs on when he goes out. I have seen pictures of him around the house and then the next night he was on Leno and he had a full hair do.

  15. Dusty

    He looks like he is the spawn of Dr. Evil.

  16. doofus

    Is this really Travolta or a wax figure?

  17. ben

    idiots, that meshy thing could easily have been edited in, and even if it isnt, so what? you know you’d be ripping into him harder if he was bald and showing it.
    and no male celebrity goes on tv without wearing shit ton of makeup, so whatever.

  18. Morgan

    I’m an Italian make-up artist, and that is an old trick used in the cinema: I don’t know its name in English, but it’s hair woven on a net, in this case only a top piece, and I swear he was wearing it also at the Golden Globes – you can see him here:


  19. alexi


    for the first time, I am stunned and practically speechless. Practically. So many jokes, so little time.

  20. stinkerpew

    Try to walk a mile in his shoes. Very attractive man losing some hair, just trying to fill it in. Not his best look by any stretch, but he has a lot of great friends and someone will tell him if his wife doesn’t first. Hope he goes natural next time. BTW, why rag on John and not all the females who wear unnecessary and obvious hair extensions?

  21. MagicStuff

    He doesn’t need to do that. Nice guy, bad hair day. Haven’t we all had them? Betcha he doesn’t do it again. He’s losing some hair and needs to know that his fans love him without doing that. I found it sad.

  22. MelaniP

    I think you should try this macro-photo technique on some other people. John Travolta is too nice of a guy. Not funny. So he’s losing a little hair. Big deal. Most men I know are.

  23. &*^

    Simple, that’s a lace front glue on wig same as Beyonce uses.

  24. boop


    his azz is going bald, so he gets it patched on…!!!

  25. ilsa

    Travolta was in my town last month filming something and I happened to get to sit 2 tables down from him at a restaurant, and he looked amazing! I’m shocked by these pictures, cause he looks rough in them, but I walked by him, like 3 feet away, and he actually looks superhumanly great in person. Shorter dark hair, good skin, eyes so blue Toni Morrison should write another book about them. The guy looks great without all the orange makeup and the weird auburn toppee.

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