Who’s Taking A Bow?

June 26th, 2008 // 15 Comments

Click the photo above for the answer.

It’s the lovable Hilary Swank!

By Michael Prieve

  1. beanz

    Is it just me, or does she kinda look like Matt Damon???



  3. d. LauRen

    …now that you mention it… hummm

  4. Zekers

    I wonder who told her that looked good?

  5. peachpie

    although she actually DOES look like matty d. in that pic, i think her new ‘do is kinda cute.

  6. Zekers

    Yeah, but you’re a Southerner Peachpie. Hehehe…

  7. jojo

    her hairdo is AWESOME. It looks great on her. She rocks the boy-cut and looks younger and more feminine with it than with long hair. What is up with people hating short hair on women??? Is there something written in the freaking bible that neo-cons and the Christian right point to as an edict that all women need to have long hair? What the hell?
    Hillary…you ROCK that do! Just keep on “do”ing it.

  8. Zekers


    I just think her face is too long for that cut…she needs some fringe to soften the angles.
    I have zero problem with long hair on guys and short hair on women…just didn’t like it on her. Does that make me a Bible-thumping Right-Winger? Pffffft. It must be Friday.

  9. peachpie

    lol Zekers — at least i’m just a southerner — you’re an all out bible- thumping right- winger — and you didn’t even know it! yeah, it’s friday a’ight.

  10. lane

    OMG. Hillary Swank does look like Matt Damon! too bad…

  11. Amy

    The cut is for her part in a biopic about Amelia Earhart.

  12. Sarah

    If Amelia Earhart and Matt Damon reproduced, Hilary would be their love child. Oh, and Julia Roberts would probably have to be her grandmother or something, to account for those monstrous teeth.

  13. jojo

    No Zekers,
    My comment wasn’t aimed at you personally, it’s just that in general it seems most Americans find short hair on women too “dyke-y” or something and I love to blame right wing conservatives for most ills in society, since it they are to blame! haha. I love super short hair on women. I wore the same cut as Hillary in this pic above for many years.
    She has kind of a long face and very angular features that is why I think the short looks good on her. But that’s just my opinion.

  14. ?kt

    My first thought…no joke… “Is this Matt Damon’s younger sister?” a little scary.

    And Jojo I think your desire to blame everything wrong with society on “right wing conservatives” is as narrow minded as you think they are. I am a devout Christian, who studies my Bible everyday, and while yes, there is a verse about a woman’s hair being her glory, many people take it completely out of context and say that women shouldn’t have short hair. But the majority of “right wing conservatives” I know have no problems with short hair on women or long hair on guys.

  15. jojo

    kt…you have no ground on which to judge whether or not I’m narrow-minded. If you read carefully above, I was joking… But seriously, I have put a lot of thought into forming my opinions and stated my opinion here albeit in a bit of a sarcastic way, and as you very aptly pointed out there is bible verse that backs up my assessment. You may be open-minded enough to differentiate, but hard-core, religious right wingers usually are not. I happen to be a devout Christian as well, how narrow-minded of you to assume I am not. But I happen to be a Christian who is a proponent of social welfare and social justice and not a right wing conservative. I have a problem with the hypocritical and intolerant Christian right wing, and if you’re trying to tell me that calling a spade a spade is narrow-minded I regret to inform you that you are simply wrong. The hard-core Christian right wing most definitely equates short hair on women with homosexuality.

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