Who’s She Kiddin’?

August 15th, 2007 // 10 Comments

Uh, we know you’re knocked up. What are you doing trying to hide it with a flimsy scarf? If you’re with child, show it off! Be all upfront about having a bastard! Tie a tshirt up under that and show off those engorged ta-tas! Have a party! Celebrate your working ovaries! You might want to leave the douche at home, though.

More Photos of Nicole Hiding Her Bump After the Jump

By J. Harvey

  1. leilah

    She also might want to go back to dying her hair blonde, cuz she’s starting to look a little negroid, which I KNOW is not her intent…..

  2. silvarga

    Isn’t dying your hair supposed to hurt your baby?

  3. devil

    I don’t know that coloring her hair would hurt the baby any more than starving herself would.

    I’m having a hard time believing that this woman eats properly. Hope the baby’s okay.

  4. Sneaux

    Ick – who is that guy??? That’s not Daddy is it? I hope not, otherwise they’re going to have a hideous child (she’s not all that good looking to begin with!)

  5. Ruby Jackson

    Yay! She’s starting to look like Nicole Ritchie again!

  6. ShadyGoddess13

    She looks like her biological father. A lot.

  7. jen

    Some of you are really cruel. She’s starting to gain weight again, so OBVIOUSLY she’s eating well for herself and the baby. She looks good and if she wants to cover herself up…so be it. So STFU already. Lawdy, it amazes me how ya’ll can sit here and criticize her when you are probably no better. And NO she shouldn’t color her hair in the first trimester of her pregnancy, the dye can be harmful. Why not learn a thing or two before you spout off about shit you apparently know nothing about.

  8. Zekers

    Who is her bio-father?

  9. T-Bone

    I personally think she’s a cute girl. She doesn’t seem to need even a speck of make-up to look good. And the fact that she’s of mixed race (or whatever the politically correct way of saying this is) only serves to make her more exotic looking. I also like her darker hair. Hope she stays healthy.

  10. greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!

    holy shit you said ‘having a bastard’ HAAAAAHAAHAHAHHAAA.

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