Who’s Making Out in the Ocean?

July 19th, 2007 // 27 Comments


Find out who the couple is after the jump.

It’s Valerie Bertinelli and boyfriend Tom Vitale.


By J. Harvey

  1. Zekers

    I wonder why she and Eddie never divorced? Good for her…having a little fun in the sun-she looks really happy.

  2. nastybugger

    are these old pics? because I just saw her on a Jenny Craig commercial and she looked slimmer than this…

  3. AdGal

    having worked on some of the Jenny Craig print campaigns, there is one word to explain the difference in the photos…


    Trust me, while Kirstie looks MUCH better than she did, she still isn’t nearly as thin as they would like her to look. That and the woman has man-hands. I’m just saying….

  4. Bill Cosby

    I heard she kept the tongue parts they cut out of Eddie and she puts them on her own and makes out with dudes. It’s like a Hollywood Ed Gein make out session.

  5. Bill Cosby

    I heard she kept the tongue parts they cut out of Eddie and she puts them on her own and makes out with dudes. It’s like a Hollywood Ed Gein make out session.

  6. jojo

    WHAT A FAT PIG!.. Is that the Barefoot Contessa?

  7. tromba

    She’s still a bit heavy but she has that cute face and now she is back on the radar screen. Mission accomplished (not like that George W Bush bullshit).

  8. dandiella

    Did anyone else notice that Tom Vitale has a wedding ring on?? Is he married? Seperated?

  9. Me

    It takes a lot of time to lose weight the healthy way. She will get smaller and everyone will praise her and then maybe the next fat person can be ripped apart and motivated to join Jenny. That’s what we all do, right? Concern ourselves with other people’s fat content?

  10. someone who

    Tom Vitale is a convicted wife beater and child abuser on 3 counts in Maricopa county records Arizona. Other wise he is a really nice guy

  11. curious

    I noticed on the Oprah show today, that Tom still has a wedding ring on his left hand. Does anyone know why?

  12. FriendsInAZ

    Tom Vitale has an ex-wife that fabricated stories of abuse in a bitter divorce. He lost everything as a result. He had been reduced to working as a security guard for a bank. I have a number of associates who know who him quite well and he is a very good, spiritual man. Don’t believe everything you read.


    He was the BEST MAN in my marriage and I saw the aftermath at least ONCE and he was a wife beater.

    You may THINK you know someone, but when someone is a smooth talker, you can’t REALLY know them.

    BTW – I’ve known him since 1982 and he had wanted to date me, but I turned him down because of how CONTROLLING he was. He also HATED to play 2nd fiddle and yet here he is riding Valerie’s coat tails.

    His ex-wife NEVER fabricated anything. I knew them very well for YEARS and he was a scary guy.

  14. MBJ

    Hard to think of Tom Vitale as anything but a nice guy….

  15. Moi

    And any of us have the right to pry into other’s lives that we don’t know, because why?

    The only ones that really matter about how well they know Tom are Tom, Valerie and his close friends and family.

  16. MBJ

    Tom and Valerie appear to be going strong after over 4 years together. Good for them. When you have a choice, choose happy.

  17. Jonno

    Ok. First off… Tom is not a wife beater…. where you got that i dunno. and he isnt a child abuser either. he just had a rough ending to his previous marriage and he’s making the best of what hes got. and hes got it good.

  18. I KNOW TOM

    If you only knew how mental his ex-wife is you would think he is a saint. I know him and his kids and they have a fantastic father.

  19. Friend of sons

    I used to hang out with his kid all the time before I moved away. Tom’s ex-wife is a total nutcase. She kept changing her phone number and all her message machines advertised propaganda. The last message for voicemail I ever heard before I never heard from his son again was something to the effect of “You’ve reached the Vitale residence, leave a message, If it’s Tom call my lawyer” She was always trying to advertise problems to get people who didn’t know anything about it on her side. And I never ended up finding his son (my friend) ever again. Totally cut off.

  20. MBJ

    I am attorney and do a fair amount of matrimonials. There are invariably 2, sometimes 3 sides to each case. From everything I have seen and read, Tom seems like a regular guy. Hard to think that Valerie would tolerate him if he was otherwise.

  21. Scottsdale Bratt

    I used to live nearby the Vitale residence and I can tell you that Tom has a serious temper.Early one morning I was driving past their house and witnessed Tom kicking his wife from outside their passenger side of their vehicle.So,believe me when I say “He definitely has a temper!”

  22. tom brown

    Whether Vitale did or didn’t beat his former wife, I can’t know. But I DO know that he and Valerie Bertonelli are a bad match. Valerie has this ability to deceive herself
    when it comes to men. She was wrong before and she’s wrong now as well.
    One of the dangers of being very pretty and a female. Vitale is also WAY too plain looking for Valerie. That mismatch is always a killer, but in this case there is one other killer mismatch. Who can guess what that is? It concerns their eyes.

  23. MBJ

    Their eyes ?

  24. Tim B

    I look and see their eyes look happy…
    Lucky them.

  25. MBJ

    I agree, Tim B. True happiness is a rare commodity. If they have found it, I wish them well.

  26. LOL!!!

    Knew the guy from work. Here is what I know as fact:
    He was mediocre in the financial services field and I’m being charitable
    He had a very bad temper. He knew we didn’t respect him and I think he has always felt very inadequate so he would compensate for this by trying to bully people. He tried (and failed miserably) very hard to project an image of himself that just wasn’t accurate. All of us have been around someone who is trying too hard to be someone the aren’t. I made me uncomfortable because you cannot trust someone like this.
    He loved his kids
    I know he was paranoid about his wife and would even ask coworkers to drive by
    his house throughout the day to see if there was someone else’s car parked
    There ARE entries on the Maricopa County court website pertaining to the allegations about abuse. Anyone can look them up as there is public access.
    I know that he assaulted a neighbor
    I know that he has been fired from several financial companies for poor production numbers
    He has not worked with a FINRA registered firm since 2004. This means whatever he is doing doesn’t require him to have securities licenses and he is not subject to FINRA guidelines. Just what you would want for someone with a checkered past who is trying to sell you…..god knows what.

    • MBJ

      Tom must have something to offer Valerie. He apparently went from a guy who had marital / work difficulties to a guy who is now living in Malibu.

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