Who’s JT Pissing On?

February 27th, 2007 // 19 Comments


So there’s a new track, complete with video, in which Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Nelly Furtado take turns complaining about people. Who’s he talking about? Do we care? I do, this is my damn job. God, let me reflect on THAT for second.

OnSmash has the video for the Timbaland/Timberlake/Furtado track “Give It To Me,” in which each performer takes on an anonymous big star: Timbaland lashes out against a “piano man” who is, alas, probably not BIlly Joel, and Furtado disses an anonymous hyphenate. Most damning, though is Timberlake’s take-down, in which he vents: “We missed you on the charts last week/Damn, that’s right, you wasn’t there/If sexy never left, then why’s everybody on my shit?” There have been plenty of rumors about the identity of his target, but he’s remained quiet so far…

Hmm. Janet Jackson? Prince? Britney? I know he and Janet haven’t been best friends since he sold her ass out and she got blamed completely for the Superbowl incident. He and Prince had some lame words recently. What’s he so pissy for? What’s next, an underground mixtape and a drive-by? Shut up, JT! With your silk kerchiefs and vests. You ain’t bad! You ain’t nuthin’!

By J. Harvey

  1. Kim

    It’s gotta be Prince. He flat-out quotes him.

  2. Kim

    Also, (lol) Prince shouldn’t have said what he did. He needs to have respect for other artists and JT is talented. He’s jealous of him, obviously. Referring to JT by saying “Whoever it is that’s claiming they’re bringing sexy back” as if he’s too cool to even know who he is. Jerk.

  3. Jinxy McDeath

    I just can’t get over how homely JT is… a boat load of fug right there.

    He can’t touch Prince as far as talent goes.

  4. P

    Duchy Originals food company > McDonalds. Although I must admit that as an American now living in England I sometimes miss the taste of a double quarter pounder with cheese (the McD’s here tastes different). But then I just have to remind myself what genetically modified & preservative ridden food the US contains and I’m glad to not be around that shit. Gah, now they just need to work on getting rid of all the damn Pizza Huts here.

  5. P

    Disregard above post – put into the wrong browser/article.

  6. C. Anwar

    I never got the impression that there was any malice in Prince’s remarks, maybe only gentle chiding…either way, J.T. ought not diss those whose musical stylings he bites on so often (Prince, Janet Jackson’s brother, etc.)!

    Timbaland: Check ya boy.

  7. bkmagnolia

    Kim – you’re kidding right? Prince jealous of Justin? Sweety, I’m laughing @ you and with you.

    Anywho… loving J. for the MJ reference. That epic video was AWESOME.

  8. LawyerBarbie

    Timbaland is referring to Scott Storch

  9. Dina

    It’s about DIDDY! Because Sean Combs came out after Sexyback became a hit and said that HE coined the word sexy, and JT stole it. I also think it’s Diddy because he sucks as an artist.

  10. samuel

    scott storch

  11. usherette

    Got to be Usher!

  12. Samuel and LawyerBarbie win the golden trout.

  13. samuel

    its scott storch….its a producer who’s beats are very similar to timbaland’s

  14. Stewie

    All Prince really said was “Sexy never left” which I think was more of a joke or a reference to himself … than a swipe @ Timberlake.

    As for the Janet thing – she never really said anything negative about him so he has not justification for this.

    Karma is coming for him — dating way back to when he told the whole world he took Britney’s virginity.

  15. EraserFan

    He’s clearly referring to Rue McClanahan. She dissed poor JT in the Golden Girls Reunion Tour. Rue was quoted as saying “That Timberlake kid sucks and so do all boy bands. I wouldn’t fuck him with Bea Arthur’s dick.”

  16. Daisylover

    It’s Puff Daddy.

  17. reddgrant

    Piano man is in reference to scott storch. They are beefing with each other now. Scott just released a diss track about timbaland called “built like that.”

  18. Lynn

    Justin, Timbaland, etc. (as the rest of what seems to be the music industry)need to stop taking themselves so seriously. Honestly, so what if someone doesnt like your music. ARe you really that arrogant as to think that the world should bow down at your feet and kiss your butt telling you how great you are? Honestly, it’s called having an opinion and there are other ways to deal with negative comments. Such as with dignity, not with the maturity of a fourth grader calling someone a Poo poo head for saying they dont like their shoes.

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