Who’s Hayden Christensen Really Cozying Up To?

May 18th, 2005 // 34 Comments

The rumor is that Hayden Christensen tiddled Eva Longoria with his wink.

On Sunday night in the South of France, the least desperate housewife was spotted in full canoodle with “Star Wars” stud Hayden Christensen during the party for “Episode III – Revenge of the Sith” at the Cannes Film Festival.

A Lowdown spywitness reports from the swanky restaurant Le Baoli, the temporary satellite outpost of the New York club PM: “She was hitting on Hayden, big-time. They basically spent the whole night talking and caressing each other in a dark corner with security all around them.”

Adds the spy: “They were being discreet, but she was holding his hand, and they left at the same time, around 3:30 a.m.”

Although the two took care to leave separately to avoid the paparazzi, says the spy, “I’m pretty sure they hooked up.”

However, it looks like he was getting the hugs from someone else. One more after the jump.

Longoria reaches for the ‘Star’ [Lowdown]

(Thanks to J.C. for the photos.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. reesha

    eva’s a little heavy on the concealer…or it could just be a “bad angle”…


    screw Eva!!! i hope Hayden turns gay and marry Ewan Mcgregor or Ian Somerhalder…

  3. Marissa

    HAHA!, This is really funny, I really hate people and their comments. Hayden is not gay, and so what if he gives a peck to Ewen Mcgregor or hugs Kevin Spacy!, who honestly gives a fuck..So I think all you reporters and people making rude comments can go fuck yourself!

  4. damian israel

    hola soy de mexico en verdad hayden christensen es gay si lo es ke mal y si no ke bien pero ke lo diga porfa no me kiero kedar kon esa duda diloooooooooooooo thel emmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. Sally Christensen

    DAMN RIGHT HE’S NOT GAY!!!! but yes, i enjoyes seeing him kiss ewan mcgregor…

  6. Mischa

    fuck you all !!! Longoria can’t hold Christense beside there’s chemistry between portman and christensen or you havent seen the cannes pictures

  7. Yvette

    ok well i think hayden is so not gay becuz if he was he wouldnt meet women so screw all ya’ll whoever thinks hes gay becuz he is deffinitly not plus y does it matter? i mean its his personal life and also if it was that important than u guys must be gay then but hayden is NOT gay!

  8. Milchkaffee

    Hey Shaenie, did not mean to be rude, she is also fascinated by his beauty and would never dare to say anything bad about him, she meant the gay.thing in a funny way. I personally would find it very satisfying if he is gay, because I am=)

  9. lauren

    He better not be gAY!!!!!!!!!! But even if he is, Haden is still damn sexy!!!!

  10. Amanda

    I really don’t think he’s gay (I’ve seen pictures of him getting pretty close to women) but I suppose there’s always that chance that he’s bi or something. That would be totally fine w/ me because what could be better than two hot guys like Hayden and Ewan McGregor making out? I can’t believe I’m even saying that because I never before thought two guys together would be cool, but Hayden’s just so damn hot it doesn’t matter who he’s with. I still hope he’s straight though; it just makes fantasizing about him more realistic. All I really hope though is that he stays in the business but keeps his feet firmly planted on the ground and remains the nice guy that he is (or at least that he says he is).

  11. Clara

    CCavoli…lo conosco poco ma so per certo ke lui non

  12. PeanutBladder

    Damn that Eva!!! *hiss*

  13. annonymous

    okay listen. all you guys are being really mean okay? i love hayden more than anyone else on
    this planet(for anyone else who says that they
    are in love with him i mean).

    and everyone here who is intruding in hayden’s
    personal life has to stop right now. and what
    im about to say next is not intruding because he was
    being interviewed on the radio. he says he
    doesn’t like hollywood and he wants to be(well
    those of you who don’t know im not sure i should
    tell you). well maybe i’ll tell you later what
    he wants to be for those of you who don’t know.i love hayden christensen more than anyone else on this planet who says that they are in love with him. so just stop saying all this really mean stuff. tootalloo!~!

  14. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHH!!!!!! Hayden and Eva are soooooooooooooooo not perfect for each other. This makes me REALLY jealous!! I’ll KILL her! I’ll really, really KILL her!! Darn that Eva! Hayden’s hotter than anything so he does not belong with her!!! Ya’ll understand me now? I’ll post again. Bye! (Darn that Eva..darn that Eva..darn that Eva..)

  15. Tara Christensen

    Hey to all you Hayden lovers!
    He’s SO NOT GAY!I heard that eva was linked to him and honestly i was so pissed off because I despise that woman.Desperate housewives sucks!
    Bring back Sarah Jess Parker!He’s NOT with that hoochie cos she’s going out with some basketball player.Typical.She annoys me so much.She’s totally desperate for fame and will prob do anything for it.Back to Hayden.I plan to meet him and make him fall in love with me!wohahahahaha
    Maybe he’ll teach me how to wield a lightsaber….

  16. monica alina

    HAYDEN IS NOT GAY BECAUSE HE WENT TO A PARTY IN MY PANTS!! hahahaha! hayden is the best and leave him alone u dick wads! i love u bye

  17. Sammy-K

    I watch the video where they kissed like 20 times and let me tell you that the kiss is in the cheek not in the lips. In many countries when you meet someone you kiss in the cheek, even more than once in some places. So, stop making things up that will screw his image. If he is or isn’t let’s wait and see but don’t be dam childish and create such a big deal for a kiss in the cheek!!!

  18. Weho Socialite

    So, all I have to say is a friend of mine told me how Hayden asked him out a few years back. It was fairly on the downlow, but I justy thought I’d let you kids know. Maybe he’s gay, maybe he’s bi, maybe he just wanted to experiment, but whatever… you make the call.

  19. ALISHA

    I think it is alright for him to date who ever he want. So just leave that lady alone she look alright. It might not last that long anyway.

  20. Goose

    Hey why don’t we let hayden decide whether hes gay or not I mean he might be and just becuz you people think hes hot doesn’t mean anything to him if he is gay why would he give a damn. Also I give my girlfriends all the time and hugs maybe hayden is like that also.

  21. alyssa

    hayden would never do that!!! he better NOT be with eva cuz hes way 2 good 4 her!!! oh and j.c
    YOU REALLY SUCK!! you took the pictures so some spywittness could tell a completely different story! hayden does not like eva, she won’t leave him alone!!!

  22. Tara Christensen

    Hey Alyssa,you rock! I totally think that she’s a complete loser who stalks other celebs.Maybe we should join forces and kill her! ok maybe not kill her but perhaps torture her…..Haydens way too beautiful,smart and classy for trash like her
    and he’s kind of shy and quiet and she’s all loud and stupid.Plus Hayden Christensen and Eva Longoria just doesn’t go together. Am I right? I know I am!

  23. carebearbri

    ps. I totally agree with Sammy-K

    and plus guys. We all know that none of us will actually go out with Hayden, so why worry if he’s with a girl or not? We all always say “Oh, he’s mine! I love him!” but celebrities aren’t all that perfect. (just saying, not trying to burst your bubble or put you down but it’s true, celebrities are there to be a rolemodel of america, but in reality they are people like us and make mistakes too)

  24. carebearbri

    This is totally “The Enquirer” on the internet, hahaha.

    “Alien seen during 2005 Christmas party”

    wtf. seriously. leave hayden alone lol

  25. Iona

    Eva longerio or what ever the hell her name is has no right to be touching up Hayden!! If I wasn’t in England right now, (I’m british by the way)I’d be giving her an arse whooping!!!


    Mischa said:
    Longoria can’t hold Hayden and he looks better with natalie. beside there’s chemistry between portman and christensen or you havent seen the cannes pictures

  27. CrystalDiamondZ

    This is plain stupid.

  28. Tara Christensen

    Hey Iona
    woo hoo you’re a brit too!Have you seen the pics of Hayden kissing that FREAK?! Why???

  29. Laurie

    Whether he is gay or not, doesn’t matter it doesn’t change the fact that he is an excellent actor and still a human being with the right to be who he wants. P.S. NO HE IS NOT GAY! Thank you.

  30. aubrey

    Hayden is NOT a fag!! He’s way 2 hot to waste his looks on some guy. so whoever thinks hes gay needs to go fuck off!!

  31. Catherine

    I sincerely hope Hayden is not gay because he’s absolutly beautiful!! The only person who really knows if he’s gay or not is him. Only the people who have called him on a phone and\or spoken to him and asked him about his sexuallity may call him whatever he is, strait or not. So to all those people telling innocent girls lies…..GROW UP!!!!!

  32. Peyton

    Damnit… this site is fucked up! Who cares if he is gay, and I bet that picture of him kissing Ewan McGregor is a fake, because IT ISN’T HIM!!! You guys can make up any rumor you want about him but his true fans will remain loyal to him and NOT BEILIVE ANY OF THE SHIT THAT YOU PULL! And so what if he gets tipsy, I mean like everyone does and so what if he hooks up with other girls it is his life… DUH!!! This site is the most fucked up site I have ever been to I hope that you guys BURN IN HELL!!! AND REALITY CHECK, HOW DO YOU REALLY KNOW THAT IS REALLY HIM KISSING EWAN MCGREGOR I MEAN LIKE IT IS SO DAMN BLURY AND FAR AWAY AND FUCK IT DOESNT EVEN LOOK LIKE HIM!!! Ooh and one more thing… HAVE YOU EVER MET HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN… NO!!! SO HOW WOULD YOU KNOW IF ANYTHING IS TRUE… NOTHING THAT YOU READ ON THE INTERNET OR IN MAGAZINES OR SEE ON TV IS TRUE SO YOU CAN’T BELIEVE THEM… AND THE ONLY WAY TO FIND OUT IF ANYTHING IS TRUE IS IF YOU ACCUALLY MEET THEM!!! THIS IS THE MOST SHITY SITE EVER!!! WHOEVER CREATED IT WILL BURN IN HELL… that and all of Hayden’s fans don’t believe any of this shit either i mean like READ THE COMMENTS YOU FUCKER!!! Natalie Portman said: feel free to make up any rumor you want about me and I will confirm it. How’s this, I am married and pregnat; but I am still a virgin” Let that abide to every person!

  33. Brooke


  34. Miu

    Wow. You girls are beginning to bore me. Nice caps lock Peyton and Brooke.

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