Who’s Grabbing That Ass?

June 19th, 2006 // 8 Comments

Find out, after the jump.

Pacey lives! German actress Diane Kruger (Troy) is the one grabbing Joshua Jackson’s ass. It’s good to see him getting some action, especially from such a gorgeous woman as Diane Kruger.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. mrswitter

    Yay Pacey is back! I missed you babe! Please make a hot film soon so we can all go watch it!

  2. silly girl


  3. Diva

    I thought she was dating Chris Heinz?

  4. kayla

    it looks like k-cav & brody from behind.

  5. Tine

    That ass looks like shit anyway…

  6. Kim B.

    WTF? I thought she was still married? Where the hell have I been?!?!? Anyone, details, anyone?!


  7. Joyce

    Yeah, I too thought she was married to some french actor.

  8. Elsa

    I guess she ditched her French husband? Or perhaps they were only engaged (I read that two years ago in Vogue). I can’t tell where they are from the photos but my guess is somewhere in Europe. This guy is seriously a fug though.

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