Who’s Got A Defensive Ass?

August 19th, 2008 // 10 Comments

Find out who’s ass plays defense by clicking the photo above.

It’s the lovable Zac Efron!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. SweetSoprano

    He makes all that money but can’t afford a $5 car wash?!

  2. Jesse

    Um, where do you get your Car Wash, they currently run around $20 including Tip. So it is Pricey Mr. Soprano.

  3. SweetSoprano

    STILL! $5, $20, whatever! He makes millions of dollars! And if it is so expensive, why can’t he get out a bucket of soap and water out and do it his damn self!

    And it’s Ms. for your information ;-)

  4. CalifKid

    not everyone cares if their care is clean every single day.

  5. CalifKid

    oops…care = car :)

  6. kc

    he needs to start working on those skinny legs.

  7. peeboo

    would’ve recognized his skinny chicken legs in any photo

  8. shiuooo

    its not dirt, its the reflection of the trees

  9. Marc

    Well, he doesnt really much of an ass doesn’t he

  10. Lou-Lou

    some of you people are retarded!
    Yes it’s the reflection of trees.
    I CAN’T believe you’re arguing the price of a car wash and whether or not Zac (whose one of young Hollywood’s most beautiful boys – “chicken legs” or not) can afford it.

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