Who’s Dating This Woman?

March 23rd, 2009 // 12 Comments

Click the photo above to find out who her main hunk is .

In a rush to get away from two photographers, Jason Statham leaves girlfriend Alex Zosman behind as she is unable to get into the car. They were leaving the Sunset Plaza after lunch at Cafe Med.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Hey

    Just for the record, that is NOT Alex Zosman. Try Googling Alex & you’ll see the two look nothing alike.

  2. 88w48

    that’s not alex zosman. please try to report the “news” properly & get your facts straight.

  3. yes

    i think this is the new girlfriend and she is way prettier. definitely not the zoeman chick

  4. UrthCafe

    Actually this looks like alex zosman if she stepped into a time machine and aged 18 years forward. It would be better if Jason were dating this woman instead of a.z. but sadly I think this lovely lady is too old for him.

  5. i heart js

    maybe but that zosman madam woman is no prize since everyone i know in la has been with her, no prize. this girl at least looks a bit refined and classier. when will he find a nice and gorgeous girl???? im a hopeful fan!

  6. zehiu

    someone posted some information on Dean May and Alex. Dean was her link up the hollywood food chain. from the dirty.com
    dean dean baby Says:
    dean may dated a hooker named alex zosman for years so i dont think he would risk getting a disease if he was really gay. he does lots of drugs with his ex’s friends and is NOT riich. he is a bit of a wanna be and everything wrong about la but not a bad or mean person. he is no heir to any fiortune. he is a club promoter and on the club scene. his biggest claim to fame is that he now hangs out with jayson statham because he sold his ex to him.

  7. sigy

    This is not a picture of Alex. This is a realtor or someone Jason met for business. If you want to know about Alex Zosman, janetcharltonshollywood.com has a good running account of the soap opera in the comments

  8. lea

    The woman in that picture is not alex zosman.

  9. Tzhqrsez

    qcG2kS comment2 ,

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