Who’s Chatting Up Jeremey Piven?

April 27th, 2008 // 12 Comments

Photos: FlynetOnilne.com

Find out who she is after the jump.

It’s the lovable Pink!

Photos: FlynetOnilne.com

By Michael Prieve

  1. Persistent Cat

    Wow, she’s elegant.

  2. Jack-t

    Elegant? With all these ugly tatoos and strange poses, elegant is the last word I would use to describe her.

  3. not the bong water!

    She is hot!

  4. Zelda F.

    Jack-t: elegant, wink, wink… :) I remember as a child I had a troll doll ….

  5. angelchrome

    Everytime I see her I think she couldn’t look rougher, yet here she is surprising me again.

  6. satan

    its sad that i could tell that was pink and i never get these things right

    she is such a heinous monstrosity

  7. Persistent Cat

    I often wonder why people who don’t understand sarcasm visit these blogs.

  8. Logan

    I wanna see Pink’s peen. I’ll bet it’s kinda big.

  9. wuhuu

    i am not ashamed to admit it,i’d hit that fast and furious. she’s looking better & better while otheres(brit-brit, xtina etc) are looking worse

  10. justsimplymyself

    look from her back….i know it’s Pink.

  11. jbonz

    Look, I know she’s a dyke and openly hostile to men and all, but I still gotta admit that I would LOVE to have my weenie pinched off by those rock-hard buttocks. OOOMPH!!!

  12. jbonz

    Pink, the Patron Saint of latent homos everywhere!

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