Who’s Bummed Out?

January 21st, 2009 // 8 Comments

Click the photo above to find out who it is.

Actor Shia LaBeouf sits outside a friend’s house in Glendale smoking a cigarette. He must be bummed about his suspended license, cause the poor little fella had his head down.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. misslala

    I feel kind of bad for him. There are people that act like way bigger jerks than he does and people love them for it. He is pretty quiet and mellow, just making mistakes that any kid makes. I think he does better than I would in his situation.

  2. Lovey

    He’s got a bum hand (still!!) and he’s surrounded by gnomes, cigarettes, a ceramic squirrel and Diet Coke. I’d be a off-color too.

  3. mark

    he’s a p**sy

  4. Anonymous

    The pain and stress of that hand injury shows on his face, along with other issues too probably. Healing.

  5. stolidog

    this is a real place and not a set? I LOVE it. The squirrel is awsome.

    ps, he’s gay.

  6. jess

    i think he needs to be left alone now…. seriously! i can see from pictures that he is sad, i really do think the reality of this situation has kicked in for him!

    people do make mistakes from time to time, but thats the part of grwing up, ok yeah he is an adult, but throughout life you are learning lessons.

    you can tell that he has learnt his and feels bad about it. i think people should leave him be for a while because to say that he is stupid and stuff would be hypocritical, since everybody does stuff they are not proud of!

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