Who’s Behind That Purse?

January 29th, 2007 // 6 Comments

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It’s Lindsay Lohan using another one of her day passes from rehab.


By Jessica Marx

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    Glad that rehab thing is going so well for her, Wha!??! You say it’s not rehab but a baby sitting facility she had to check into because her employers, the producers of the movie she’s nearly run into bankrupcy complained about her non stop drunken, unprofessional behavior and forced to into… that rehab??!!

    The second that production ends, so does rehab. I bet she packs up the night before the last day of shooting. *snort*

  2. Reese

    It’s really kind of interesting how she can just come and go from rehab whenever she pleases…

  3. Tonysgirl

    Rehab is more like a joke for famous people these.

    And I think if your in rehab 20 or 30 days is just not gonna stop all that put them in there the first time without them reverting back to their old habits.

    What they need is bootcamp rehab, not a drive-thru rehab come and go as you please. Would you like a beer with that?….lol

  4. Tigrrl

    I knew it was her because of those hillbilly hands. She can dress up all she wants, she still looks raw.

  5. Hesh Rabkin

    Isn’t the whole idea of in-patient rehab to get you away from your outside influences so you can look in for a change? How is this a rehabilitation when she can take off whenever she wants to? How do they know she’s not out scoring more drugs? Is there a “chaperone” from the clinic to accompany her? I think not.

    What does Wonderland care anyway? Lohan is paying them at least $50K for this little vacation from herself. They get their money whether she gets clean or not.

  6. I think rehab is like a live in therapist. What the hell are you supposed to do for 16 hours a day assuming u sleep for the other 8 i see nothing wrong wit hher going out. Their are only so many hours u can eat, talk excercise school is live seven hours and u still get a break work is for eight hours same thing too. Keith urban was just chilling other in his stint. Plus hers is not secret like other celebs ( even though they are just pr stints) GOing out van help cause whatever led to “destructive behavior” might be present when she goes out allowing her to eplore it more when she returns to rehab

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