Who’s Wearing Whom At The 2012 Summer Olympics [PHOTOS]

The 2012 Olympics
Photos from the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics.
The Olympics have certainly been no stranger to controversy this year, but much of the stir boils down to what the Olympic teams are wearing rather than what they are doing.  From “too garish” to “too blue” it seems the designers of this year’s Olympic team kits are, surprisingly enough, having a difficult time appeasing the entire world.

Stella McCartney partnered with Adidas in designing Great Britain’s uniform, the ultimate goal being a deconstructed version of Britain’s Union flag.  McCartney came under scrutiny upon the collection reveal for not using enough of the color red, but defended her choice as a means to unify the aesthetic of the team.

McCartney has also had to defend herself from criticism over the “Elvis impersonator” uniforms sported by Great Britain during the Opening Ceremony.  British clothing label, Next, is in fact the guilty party in designing what has largely been considered a fashion flop despite confusion over McCartney’s affiliation.

Ralph Lauren signed on to design the US team uniforms, and fell hard into the line of fire when it was discovered the uniforms were made in China.  Likewise, after the Opening Ceremony certain critics questioned whether or not the uniforms appeared “too militaristic“.

Fox News caused the most recent and unnecessary stink during a segment of Fox News’ America Live.  Host Alisyn Camerota made an accusatory comment in the direction of the U.S. gymnastics team over their apparent lack of patriotism in wearing pink leotards in lieu of red, white and blue.

“Best Dressed” arguably goes to the Italian team as their Opening Ceremony uniforms were designed by Giorgio Armani in a kit that included 50 pieces for each athlete.  Likewise, Prada designed the Italian sailing team’s uniforms.

Puma and Cedella Marley, daughter of the late Bob Marley, collaborated in creating Jamaica’s colorful uniforms while Russian clothing line Bosco Sport is responsible for clothing both Spain and Russia, which obviously sparked major Spanish controversy.

Check out our gallery above to take a look at Olympic team uniforms!