Who’s The Mystery Gal With Daniel Radcliffe? [PHOTOS]

Little Daniel Radcliffe
The 'Harry Potter' star back in 2008.
Daniel Radcliffe was out with a girl last Friday night (August 10th) who didn’t resemble his girlfriend, production assistant Rosie Coker.  The mystery gal linked arms with Mr. Potter while leaving Azteca Latin Lounge on the Kings Road in London before heading to the members-only club, Raffles on the King’s Road.

“She initially did everything she could not to be seen with Daniel but she probably realised there wasn’t much point in trying to hide,” an onlooker told the Daily Star (via the Daily Mail).  “She then went to the other extreme and linked arms – making it look like they’re a couple.

“Daniel looked really relaxed and happy with her – it was obvious they’d had a nice evening together.  Anyone who didn’t know he had a girlfriend might have thought it was a date.”

So is it the end for Coker and Radcliffe?

It’s reported that Radcliffe and Coker split up last month, after he was seen with another fit bird (I’m really getting into the native language).

“For someone with a girlfriend Daniel does spend a lot of time with other girls,” a source told the paper.  “They could be just friends but it’s been two in less than a month so fans are ­going to start thinking he’s definitely split from Rosie.”