Who’s Giving Prince Harry A Bro Hug?

Who’s ready to give Prince Harry a good snog?

Find out after the jump.

England’s Rugby captain Mike Tindall gave his soon-to-be cousin-in-law, Harry a bear hug during a charity polo match at the Beaufort Polo Ground in Tetbury, England yesterday.  Tindall will marry Zara Phillips next month in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Phillips is the daughter of Princess Anne, Princess Royal and 13th in line to the throne behind her older brother, Peter’s infant daughter, Savannah.

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This will be the second royal wedding for the House of Windsor in 2011, but will be a much smaller event than William and Kate’s nuptials.  Phillips was not born with a title, a decision her parents made to ensure that she and Peter live a normal life.  However, she is still a member of the royal family, and is a favorite of her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

The Daily Mail reports that Chelsy Davy has not been invited to the wedding next month, a sign that things are probably over.  Was she on the other end of that call Harry didn’t seem too pleased to deal take?