Whoopi Goldberg Visits UK Prime Minister

While Whoopi Goldberg made her West End debut in the Sister Act musical on Tuesday, she also made a surprise appearance somewhere else just as big-time…the Prime Minister’s doorstep!

On Wednesday after taking in some of the sights of London, the outspoken comedian insisted on going right up to 10 Downing Street to talk politics with David Cameron (let’s just hope it wasn’t like how they do on The View.)

“This is something you dream about when you see it and you hear about 10 Downing. But to go in was quite spectacular,” Whoopi said. She made sure to get to see a portrait of one of her favorite historical figures, former PM Benjamin Disraeli. “I said, ‘Is there anything of Disraeli here?’ and he (Cameron) was like, ‘Come on!’ So I got a tour. It was really great, really nice.”