More Oscar Montage Madness Leaves Whoopi Goldberg’s Feelings Hurt

First Brad Renfro and now this.

It appears this was the Oscar of montage omissions with Whoopi Goldberg and Steve Martin both missing from the montage that included various moments from past hosts. Goldberg has hosted the awards show multiple times and was the first black woman to host the show, so it would seem a bit odd that she wouldn’t have been included in the montage.

Whoopi jokingly said, “Undoubtedly, I pissed someone off once again.” And when her co-hosts assured her that they thought she did an amazing job for each hosting gig, Whoopi got a little choked-up. Barbara Walters did point out, however, that perhaps she wasn’t in the montage because they showed her in another montage for Oscar winners. See all of this miscommunication and hurt feelings? That’s why I’m anti-montage. Not really, I just like taking a stand on pointless issues.

But, it seems that no amount of montages could save the awards show from miserable ratings. According to Us Weekly, viewership for the Oscars was down 21% from last year. Look on the bright side, Whoopi. That’s 21% less people who didn’t see that you weren’t included than it would have been last year.