Who’d You Rather? Matt Bomer Or Nick Jonas At The Premiere Of FOX’s ‘Scream Queens’

Matt Bomer On AHS
Naked Bomer Joins Finn Wittrock For A Sexy Scene
I mean, I know who I’d rather, but this is all about you guys.

Both Matt Bomer and Nick Jonas were bringing some serious sexy to the red carpet last night for the premiere of FOX’s upcoming Ryan Murphy show, Scream Queens. In case you’ve somehow missed it, that’s the one with the sorority members being murdered.

Nick will be flexing his acting muscles again on Scream Queens as a character named Boone. I hope he’s good on it. When Nick wants to be a decent actor, he’s quite fun to watch. 

And while Matt sadly doesn’t play the den-father of the fraternity next door on Scream Queens (next season?), he is friends with Ryan Murphy and on American Horror Story: Hotel. Also, I love that he color coordinated with murder, sporting a red turtleneck and black suit. Seriously, who else looks this good in a turtleneck? In other Hotel news, here’s the official poster, as Tweeted by Matt.

I’m really going to try to watch this. You all know I get scared easily. Can we do like a Twitter watch together? If I can focus on something else I might be okay. Oh also, I’m assuming all of you–or at least most of you!–watch Matt on White Collar. Well a few of the very dedicated and totally awesome fans have figured out a way to try and get White Collar back on the air. They’re using #CollarsHaveTies and fans who want more White Collar to send ties to the USA Network. Check it out and send your ties!

But enough about that, it’s time to get down to the business of Who’d You Rather. Listen Nick Jonas, as much as I love you, I’m gonna have to go with carved out of cream cheese Matt Bomer for this one. But Nick you’re great and super handsome. Please grow your hair out some more.

Who are you guys voting for? Let us know in the poll below! Need help deciding? That’s what all the deliciously sexy photos in the gallery are for. Launch and enjoy!