Who’d You Rather: Bradley Cooper In Blue Vs. Bradley Cooper In Leather

Ooo, hot Bradley Cooper vs. hot Bradley Cooper, however will I choose?

The actor was spotted in London last night and today, sporting to very different looks. First we had blue corduroy jacket (?), hat, sneaker-wearing Bradley partying at celebrity hotspot the Chiltern Firehouse.

Then we had leather-jacket, sunglasses wearing Bradley on the set of his movie Adam Jones. Side note: I’m pretty sure that’s been his only costume for Adam Jones so far. So, which Bradley will it be? 

Seeing as how long coats and leather jackets that fit well are my man weakness, I’m gonna have to go for leather Bradley. Plus, everyone looks good in sunglasses.

Oh! Also! Did you hear that his movie with Jennifer Lawrence finally has a release date? After the duo made Silver Linings Playbook together, they played husband and wife in the depression-era movie, Serena. Like, they made this movie before American Hustle and it still hasn’t come out. But it now has a release date…in England…for October 24. So if you’re in England, check it out! The rest of us will have to keep waiting.

But at least we can stare at Bradley as we do. Launch the gallery to help you decide if you’d rather blue or leather. Leave us your pick in the comments!