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Is she ok? Something’s wrong. Is she running a fever? Are those contact lenses? I’m scared. The Daily Mail has pics of Courtney Love’s lips looking like she’s been smoking the scabies pipe or something. If she had an illness, she would have told us by now because she’s a mouthy crazy. How come she looked so much better in the late 90′s when she was at the Oscars and stuff? What was she doing then that she’s not doing now? Someone help this poor bitch out!

The singer is a shadow of her former attractive self, and appears to be afflicted with a skin condition which has left her mouth looking sore and scabby. The widow of dead rocker Kurt Cobain arrived at the Groucho Club in London sans make-up unwittingly revealing her scabbed mouth and spotty skin.

But being greeted by a posse of photographers as she arrived in a rickshaw was enough to drive Love to cover up the unattractive blemishes on her mouth. And unsurprisingly, by the time she left, Love had applied a heavy-duty coating of make-up including a generous application of red lipstick.

I’m a fan but that first picture is freaking me out. You know when you see photos of a celebrity right before they bought it? Like Karen Carpenter grinning feverishly at the camera. That’s what this reminds me of. We need a prayer circle.


More photos of Courtney Love on the streets of London after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. T-Bone

    I might very well have nightmares over this photo. What on God’s green earth happened to her?

  2. peachpie

    i’m just concerned about all those ugly fingernails. *shudder*

  3. BBL

    what happened to Frances Bean? She used to be so cute!

  4. Ruby Jackson

    I think it’s from her lip injections. Gross.

    Francis Bean looks EXACTLY like her father!

  5. rootabega

    there is no way that is Frances Bean in those photos.

  6. web_mom

    I actually feel bad for her, looks like she’s friends with Janice Dickinson now. This skinny thing is horrible. She looked good at a normal weight and has lovely fair skin so what the hell has she been doing to it.

    Love looked healthy and happy at the Pam Anderson roast last year – even just a hint of extra weight. It looked good, certainly better than the drug addictive pallor she’s had before. I loved her in those days in Hole where she’d have a ratty torn babydoll dress on with heavy eyeliner and bright lipstick. I guess my youth too is gone now.

    What also freaked me out most was that stomach bloat hanging over. I know she’s had a child and I’m not criticizing her body, I just don’t get why she wore her jeans so low.

    Someone get her a friend who can wipe off that makeup, keep her indoors while she gets her lips fixed and feeds her some cheeseburgers – and keeps her off the heroin.

    In this lower left image from last year, Francis looks JUST like him: http://www.moonwashedrose.com/media/francesid7.jpg

  7. web_mom

    From what I understand, it was rumored to be Francis but then retracted and said it was one of her friends who was with her in the UK while she was getting work done.

  8. BBL

    Ahh thanks web_mom, that makes more sense. Last I had seen of her she looked different, so I thought it might be her.

  9. nastybugger

    guys, that’s blatantly NOT Frances Bean. She DOES look just like her Dad, and that ain’t her.

    but I agree with all of you that Courtney is not looking good in these pics. those contact lenses alone are enough to freak anyone out.

  10. Cali

    …she will be dead by the end of the year……

  11. Tyrone Biggums sez, “I like!”

  12. Janet

    1st pic: Looks like “Meth Mouth”.

  13. Persistent Cat

    Am I the only one that thought Weekend at Bernie’s?

  14. james

    Whatever happened to Baby Jane? Apparently she’s in London.

  15. robbyrob

    is it me or is does she have herpes now?


  16. AGAIN with the glowing eyes??? She think she’s Nightcrawler!

    …And far as her now being “a shadow her former attractive self” BLECH!!! Whateva!

  17. Interloper

    Oh my God. Those contacts are AWFUL! I mean CORPSE EYES. ICK. It’s a shame because after a couple of little surgeries she was looking really quite good. Then she kept going. And now she looks way older than she actually is half the time. Not to mention batshit insane.

    I realize that saying Courtney Love looks crazy is like saying Tom Cruise likes the wiener, but really. She’s all methed out and gross here. And jeans that show that lower belly/hip area? NO.

  18. kitl

    Oh. My. God.

  19. stolidog

    Isn’t that Lily Allen with her?
    I believe her lips are messed up because she’s been working with a French surgeon to try and bring them back to some sense of normalicy (i would say he’s not finished yet)
    honestly, i kinda like the shocking blue contacts. the rest of her is fairly scary at this point…maybe she needs some plastic surgery.

  20. Diana

    The guys behind her looks genuinely scared, I see shes hitting the pipe again, serves the murdering ho right.

  21. Jen

    She looks like a demon straight from hell with those contacts. Oh well, at least her nose is straight now. haha

  22. Emily

    She looks like goldie hawn from death becomes her AFTER she dies the first time

  23. Cat

    I love that pic with the guy holding her while she walking. He looks like he wants to puke, too!

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