Is she ok? Something’s wrong. Is she running a fever? Are those contact lenses? I’m scared. The Daily Mail has pics of Courtney Love’s lips looking like she’s been smoking the scabies pipe or something. If she had an illness, she would have told us by now because she’s a mouthy crazy. How come she looked so much better in the late 90’s when she was at the Oscars and stuff? What was she doing then that she’s not doing now? Someone help this poor bitch out!

The singer is a shadow of her former attractive self, and appears to be afflicted with a skin condition which has left her mouth looking sore and scabby. The widow of dead rocker Kurt Cobain arrived at the Groucho Club in London sans make-up unwittingly revealing her scabbed mouth and spotty skin.

But being greeted by a posse of photographers as she arrived in a rickshaw was enough to drive Love to cover up the unattractive blemishes on her mouth. And unsurprisingly, by the time she left, Love had applied a heavy-duty coating of make-up including a generous application of red lipstick.

I’m a fan but that first picture is freaking me out. You know when you see photos of a celebrity right before they bought it? Like Karen Carpenter grinning feverishly at the camera. That’s what this reminds me of. We need a prayer circle.


More photos of Courtney Love on the streets of London after the jump.