Who Will Replace Katie Couric?

February 7th, 2006 // 3 Comments

Couldn’t you just imagine Anna Nicole Smith on the couch next to Matt Lauer? No? Alright, NBC doesn’t seem to think so either. They are reportedly interested in The View‘s Meredith Viera.

Insiders directly connected with NBC News tell TMZ that Meredith Vieira is now first choice to replace Katie Couric if she leaves ‘Today.’

There’s also talk of expanding Today to four hours. If that happens, TMZ is told that Campbell Brown, once the frontrunner to replace Katie, would anchor a portion of the program.

We’re told currently there’s a 70 percent chance that Katie will jump to CBS.

And get this — NBC insiders say another name the network has kicked around is Kelly Ripa, though we’re told she is currently not available.

News Exclusives: Vieira to Replace Katie? [TMZ]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tiarra

    I never really cared about Katie Couric but if I did want someone to replace her i’d say Anna Nicole Smith. She’d bring ratings up because she is funny. I dont mean she is a comedian but the same reason ppl like Pheobe on Friends or Kramer on Seinfield. Stupid ppl make us laugh. Meredith isnt funny at all. As a matter of fact the view should be cancelled.

  2. travis

    I think Meredith would be great for the show – I may even start watching it after Katie is gone!

    At least when politicians are interviewed, you know Meredith would be asking real questions. She puts up a good, intelligent fight over important issues on The View, which I would probably watch if they dumped Star!

  3. Opinionated

    Katie announced her departure from NBC this morning.

    Thank goodness!!
    I can’t stand her.

    I used to watch The Today show in the morning, but Katie would make me cringe every time she demonstrated that she clearly was not listening by asking questions that the interviewee had already answered or when she made idiotic statements like, “I heard you say ‘aboot’, are you Canadian?” to a woman who had just undergone surgery and was on “twilight” medication. In addition, she acts like a 13 year old every time she gets near an attractive male celebrity and does not know the meaning of balanced journalism.

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