Who Was The Worst Dressed At The 2010 Met Costume Gala?

The Costume Institute Gala Benefit at the Met yesterday (May 3) had a lot of highs and a lot of lows. And really, what’s more fun than the lows?

Kirsten Dunst’s Rodarte for GAP dress’ awkward length might not be offensive if it weren’t for those pointy toed…boots? booties? I can’t even tell with all that white.

Tina Fey.…it’s not that jumpsuits don’t work (note Chanel Iman)…it’s that yours doesn’t. Sorry, Love.

Riley Keough. Please see Kristen Bell and she will explain to you how to wear this style.

Lisa Marie Falcone...I was going to go easy on you since clearly you spilled something all over the front of your dress and had to pin it up at the last second. But with boobs that weird you shouldn’t have gone with that bust to begin with so no excuses.

MIA. No matter how you pose it’s a gold net over latex.

Mila Kunis….you are usually one of my favorites, but you just replaced hot mess with hot scratchy mess.

Vera Farmiga was a vision in Marchesa at the Academy Awards, but last night it looked like she lost her style and her sheep.

Jessica Szohr’s Versace dress is too much dress and a terrible color for the tan starlet. The bullet hair and fluffy bottom evoke feather duster more than glamor.

I decided I’m no longer offended by Gisele Bundchen’s Alexander Wang dress. The truth is, even though it’s weird she, and only she, can pull it off.

So who is the worst of the worst?

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