Who Wants You To Care?

July 20th, 2008 // 7 Comments
Find out who is wearing the YouCare.com mask after the jump!

It’s the lovable Heather Mills!

By Intern Traci

  1. dave

    She is poor woman! Currently she needs love rather than money! Her profile was found on a celebrity and millioniare called (Millmatch….c o m)

  2. Joe Mahma


    GO away!!!!!!!!

  3. CookieMonster

    You’d think with the money she has she could of got a better mask.

  4. molly

    ew. scrunchie!

  5. Suz

    Loveable? Give me a break…why are you giving this attention seeking, vicious woman publicity anyhow?

  6. SweetSoprano

    What’s up with the stripper heels?

  7. MDD

    Crazy, party of one !! Enjoy it Heather, your 15 are dwindling…

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