Who Uses A Saline Laxitive?

September 28th, 2005 // 15 Comments

Find out after the jump.

It Rachel Hunter!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. AER

    Uhm, not so gross. The more common use for epsom salt is in a bath to sooth sore muscles.

  2. bd

    Yeah, I bought Epsom salt this summer after I sprained my hand and needed to soak it. That’s what most people use it for, aches and pains

  3. You can also mix epsom salt with food coloring and your favorite sented oils and perfumes and make a great relaxing bath soak! :) Fun crafty idea for ya!

  4. mam

    THats what I was thinking..i have used that to soak my feet! not to drink!

  5. oh come on people

    By the look on her face she needs to take a good poop. My bet is for the laxitive.

  6. Mo

    You guys are so funny! That last comment made me laugh so hard I almost pooped my pants, no saline laxative needed.

  7. Conrad

    I’m glad I’m not that only one who noticed the look on her face…

  8. No wonder Rod Stewarts mouth looked so puckered….

  9. shannon

    That poop comment about got me in trouble at work. I started laughing so hard everyone was looking in my office like I was nuts! lol!

  10. anon

    You can wash dark clothes in epsom salts to keep them from fading…

  11. Andrea

    I love a violent laxitive. And a good soak.

  12. mischa

    Andrea – Too funny… Look at the determination in her face.

  13. Silasdog

    Can anyone identfy this obviously constipated cutie? By the way, is the home economy size box she’s carrying? She better go slow with that stuff or the dump from her rump will make her toilet jump.

  14. tk

    she must have had an ache in her ass

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