Who Knew Matt Damon and Robert Downey Jr. Were Friends?

December 29th, 2007 // 31 Comments

Celebrities sure seem to love the tropical climates during the holiday season.
Matt Damon and Robert Downey Jr with their wives Luciana Barroso and Susan Downey take a little walk after having dinner at Quattro Gastronomia Italiana Restaurant in Miami. The Italian hot spot is known for the restaurant’s ambitious menu thanks to he culinary team of twin chefs Nicola and Fabrizio Carro.

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6 more photos of the Damon’s and the Downey’s out for dinner in Miami are after the jump.

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Photos: Splash

By Michael Prieve

  1. msmew

    Um, it’s KNEW.

  2. S_M_G

    Oh dear God!

    Who NEW????? I’m hopping the k doesn’t work on your keyboard!

  3. msmew

    Yes, works just fine.

  4. Jen

    You’re “hopping”???? You laughed at Harvey for mistaking new for knew and you’re “hopping the k doesn’t work on his keyboard”? Are you jumping around on a pogo stick, girl, cause it’s HOPING!

  5. S_M_G

    Yep I’m hopping around :-)

    And it’s not J. that made the mistake, he doesn’t make mistaked like this.

    Good to know the k works Michael.

    It’s my pet pieve, what can I say?

  6. S_M_G

    Okay I need an edit button :-) not mistaked of course, mistakes.

  7. tittus

    Of course they are!. THEY ARE BOTH SO GAY.

  8. Aliasa

    yeah,they are friends;they both like it in the ass every now and then.

  9. girlygirl

    What’s wrong with Matt’s forehead, I think is sagging. He needs botox asap. Also it wouldn’t hurt if he dropped 20lbs.

  10. Josh

    Who knew?!?!?, I did, i met them at a gangbang in Oxnard 4 years ago.

  11. S_M_G

    It does look like Matt put on some weight but maybe it’s just a bad angle.

  12. Mia

    I like Matt Damon, but he needs to drop at least thirty pounds. I also liked him before when he was nicer and less cocky. His wife and daughter are so ugly, I don’t know what on earth made him marry such ugly skank.

  13. another matt

    Sexiest Man Alive???….My ass.

  14. Extreme

    You don’t say!, you mean the old farts are actually FRIENDS, unbelievable.

  15. touche

    So Porky is two-timing on Ben Affleck? no wonder Ben is having a nervous break down.

  16. BOring


  17. Learn English!

    Yeah! Who NEW. LOL! Also, “it’s ambitious….” Its ambitious…….. NOT IT’S. You idiot. It’s means “it is…” You’re illiterate. Learn to write, asshole!

  18. Jen

    Matt’s wife is FAR from ugly. She’s cute quite, actually. Brunettes in general are FAR FAR better looking than blonds. Sorry.

  19. how nice. sometimes it is nice to have double dates

  20. Len

    I agree with Jen, Matt’s wife is not ugly, she is a lot prettier than Ben’s horseface-troll eared wife.

  21. JT

    How ironic that your pet “pieve” is spelling.

  22. Sebastian

    Punctuation needs some work as well.

    It’s menu?



  24. debkakes

    This wins for Most Inane Comments on a Non-Story … EVAR!!!

  25. pink

    “This wins for Most Inane Comments”

    Get’s my vote!

    I think Matt looks fine……

  26. angie

    I have seriously never yawned harder in all my life.

  27. eseu

    If this blog is not a grammar lesson, then how do we understand what you are saying if your writing does not not sense because of grammar blunder.

    As a literary student, when you want to miss-spell on purpose, it will still be clear to the reader, and usually, the reader will understand your joke.

    Not giving excusses when there is a clear “Grammar Blunder”. All you guys, write and spell correctly. That is my advice.

  28. angie

    “If this blog is not a grammar lesson, then how do we understand what you are saying if your writing does not not sense because of grammar blunder.”

    We’ve all been there, man.

  29. duh!

    #8, it’s mis-spell, not miss-spell, duh!

  30. #5(response)

    You only get “inane” comments when you are AN INANE PERSON.

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