Who is Usher’s Babe?

January 3rd, 2007 // 10 Comments

Usher partied the night away at Tao on New Years Eve with some mystery woman. Does anyone have any clue who she is. A close up of the woman is after the jump.



By Jessica Marx

  1. Spiff


  2. sally

    Old and Ugly?

  3. wowee

    she is a nobody, his girlfriend is the black woman behind him in the black dress with the sequence trim, she is Tameeka Foster his former stylist

  4. MissNee

    He was with his old stylist Tameka. He wasn’t with the pictured girl that night

  5. Amand

    There is a show on MTV called exposed. The contestant yesterday looks just like this chick. And the girl said that her goals were to marry famous or rich.

  6. JT

    Either way. All pathetic. Usher is a d-lister, and this chick would suck D*** for a paycheck. All in all; Ghetto.

  7. Shacklers

    She looks really cheap and plastic and just hangin off Usher not actually with him

  8. norbert

    his beard

  9. Somebody_special

    Why even bother with this. The mystery woman is a nobody. She is a groupie.

  10. Hillary Goyard

    I was at Tao on New Years and Usher was with his girlfriend the whole night. I also met her in Dior and she is very pretty, the pics last year did her no justice at all. She does seem about 35, but looks really cute in person. He isn’t though, they looked happy.

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