Who Is This Guy With Kristen Stewart?

June 18th, 2009 // 11 Comments

Actress Kristen Stewart arrives for another day at the Coast Anabelle Hotel in Burbank to meet up with rock idol Joan Jett, and she’s with that guy again, pictured below. I have no idea who it is and it’s driving me crazy.

Anyone have a clue?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Iguanatalk

    I think it’s Joan Jett’s Manager or something.

  2. ali

    It’s Kenny Laguna… Joan Jett’s producer.

  3. LOBO

    kenny laguna one of the runaways producers

  4. Sara

    It is Joan Jett’s manager and the co-producer of the film.

  5. kasy

    I think its her father

    not sure but mybe

  6. littlewing

    Hey paps! Let’s say you do a little research for a change and get something right like Perez does.

    That guy is Kenny Laguna. He is Joan Jett’s long time producer and a producer for the film.

    Your Welcome!

  7. hahaha

    looks like Kristens ex bf, he really shrivled up

  8. Martiniman

    Anyone else’s skin crawling a bit with that guy?

  9. Miu

    Thanks! I knew my fellow Twilighters would come through for me.

    The guy is kind of creepy. He reminds me of Phil Spector.

  10. abbagirl

    DUDES. you don’t know kenny laguna??

  11. jacky0511

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