Who Is This Dirty, Oily, Grimey Hunk Of A Guy?

Do you remember Charlotte Church, that young girl with the operatic voice? Well, she grew up to be a bit of a bitch – at least as the UK tabloids have painted her out to be – and she married rugby star Gavin Henson and recently their five-year relationship has come to an end, but not for any one specific reason he says.

“We were arguing a lot. Not over anything in particular, but these things build up and up. Every partnership has its problems and you work through them or you don’t. I guess we didn’t.”

“I’m not from a broken home; it’s the last thing I wanted for my kids. But I just knew it was going to ruin their lives if we’d carried on. I don’t want them growing up with issues. By doing it this way, when they’re young, they’ll grow up thinking it’s normal to see Mummy some days and Daddy the others. It was a brave decision, but a sad one.”

He seems truly commendable within this interview and a really genuine guy.

From the gallery, you can see he’s a guy who clearly pauses to give himself a go-over in the mirror, so I love that the article asks him about fake tan and waxing, as if anyone needed those rumors cleared up.