Who Is The Lady Gaga Sex Doll For?

The creators of such memorable celebrity sex dolls as She Aint No Beyonce, J-Ho, Paris, Dirty Christina, Lindsay Fully Loaded, and Tori 9021HO (another odd celebrity choice on their part), have gone and topped themselves with the Lady Gag Gag Love Doll.

Let’s discuss. Who the shit is this doll for? I mean, people ‘love’ Lady Gaga but I’ve yet to ever see/hear/meet someone who thought Gaga was so banging that they wanted to bone her or would take home a silicone version if possible. Is this doll for boys? Is this dolls for girls? Is it actually a hermaphroditic doll that will accept whatever your own doll parts may be?

So many questions. Now, let’s talk get to the description after the jump!

“Everybody’s going goo-goo for Gag Gag! She’s a sweet catholic
schoolgirl who became a whore packing a little something more! Meet
Lady Gag Gag, the deep-throat drag queen who’ll suck the chrome off a
disco ball faster than you can say Just Dance! This dirty lil’ diva
wants to take a ride on your disco stick and has all the right moves.
Just add air and she’ll let you poke-her face. You won’t get caught in
a Bad Romance this time! Ra ra oh la la!”
They even say that the doll is so dirty that it smells. Way to upsell.
I mean, I can barely even comment on the numerous song references
within that. Here are my concerns: the doll will not perform concerts for me privately upon command, will not be the bread winner in our relationship, will never cook or clean, will lay around the house all day and the doll may or may not have
lupus, and if it does, that’s a bad investment. I’ll have to pass.