Who Is The Coffee Diva?

May 11th, 2006 // 11 Comments

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“The strangest thing I (Hugh Jackman) ever saw was while filming X-Men 2 – I can’t tell you the name, but one of the cast loves a particular coffee chain. “This person liked an ice-blended drink, so a specialist was flown up and stayed on set for this person to have one cup a day. “I used to talk to the guy because I felt sorry for him. He had to stand around all day and make one drink. I was like, ‘You are f**king kidding me.’” (Source: contactmusic)

This talk show host may be getting a makeover. Buzz has it that executives are cleaning house, changing the set, and making lots of suggestions to make the host “more likeable.” (The Insider)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. spark

    1. halle berry

    2. rosie o’donnell

  2. J

    has to be halle berry.

  3. Amanda

    1. Rebecca Romijn

    2. Rosie

  4. mmm

    guessing the host is martha … she has some seriously bitchy moments on her show.

  5. newbie

    #2 has to be Rosie. Now that she’s out, conservative Americans that watch The View will have a difficult time digesting that a lesbian is on tv. Perhaps those of us who are more progressive will say this is a small victory, but not entirely a great one as they want to change her image to please viewers.

  6. Jen

    Can’t be Rosie…she’s joining The View….COULD be Martha…maybe Oprah?
    P’Shaw. Who doesn’t LOVE The O?

  7. C

    1. Hally Berry

    2. Martha Stewart

  8. A

    #2 Tyra Banks

  9. Rob

    It Has to be Halle Berry. The movie was filmed in Vancouver. She was known to be very “difficult”

  10. crzymaid

    1) Halle Berry for sure.

  11. Nick

    #2: Ellen Degeneres?

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