Who is the Bikini Babe?

April 29th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Guess which starlet is enjoying the beaches of Hawaii. Find out who she is after the jump.

It’s Kate Bosworth. Still looking pretty skinny.


By Jessica Marx

  1. anniem

    I think she looks healthier. Good for her.

  2. kellygrrrl

    She looks MUCH better, she’s gained at least 10 lbs. What’s up with the Hohan wannbe she’s hangin’ with?

  3. down'dirty

    Looks like she’s packing on the pounds, or maybe it is a baby bump.
    Give your opinion here…it’s a lot easier than waiting to post on this site!

  4. Lina

    She’s put on body fat, but all that time she spent starving her body has caused much of her muscle mass to waste away. You can see how there aren’t really any pectoral muscles covering her ribcage, and that her shoulder area is pointy because her deltoids and trapezius muscles are underdeveloped and don’t fill her out up there. Her calves also aren’t very shapely, compared to her thighs, which is to be expected given that fat distributes more on the hips and thighs, for women.

  5. You know guys, im diggin the positvity here.
    Were not perez, right.. We just like the news!

    A+ comments!
    And yes I agree, I think a little skinny for my PERSONAL taste, but healthier.

  6. shell

    She looks SO much better – I thought she was Charlize Theron from the back. A few months ago, the only person I would’ve mistaken her for is Nicole Richie.

  7. JaneSays

    Thank goodness she put on some weight. She’s still super-thin but nothing like that scary vision of herself a few months ago when she was, literally, skin & bones! Whatever she’s doing, I hope she continues doing it because she looks so much more alive than she did a mere few months ago!

  8. hmweis1

    She looks good, but would look MUCH better with a more flattering top. When are women going to realize that bandeau tops do NOTHING for your figure??

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