Who Is Pink Making Fun Of?

January 25th, 2006 // 78 Comments

Pink makes fun of people in her new video. Some of them are pretty obvious, like the Jessica Simpson one above, but some I just don’t get. Any guesses.

More photos of Pink making fun of people after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Netty

    this is too funny….Is Pink the girl version of Eminem now?? She’s making fun of Mary Kate’s clothes, Lindsey’s car accident and Paris sex tape.

  2. kiki

    1 – Mary Kate
    2- Jessica SImpson
    3 – Brittany

    the rest i dont knw

  3. Carrie Bradshaw

    - Mary Kate
    - Jessica Simpson
    - Fergie (with the hat)
    - Paris Hilton (in the car pic)

  4. Holly

    OK, I think the first picture is Mary Kate, second is Jessica of course, third is Gwen Stefani, the forth she’s just playing herself as the President (not making fun of anyone), the forth is just her again working out and getting no notice because her tits aren’t hanging out, the fifth in the car on the phone running over people is La Lohan, the school marm is just her spoof of what kids can emulate – either be a prim and proper school girl of the past or look at the skanks to emulate today – and then Jessica again. I read waaaaaaaaay too many blogs & gossip rags!!!!

  5. Katie

    Pink should try some of those looks. She looks better.

  6. La La

    In the 5th one, is she making fun of Hillary Clinton? It doesn’t really fit with the theme. But, hey I lover her anyways…

  7. nevermind

    Pink is making fun of Mary Kate, Lindsay Lohan, Fergie (or J. Lo?), Condeleeza Rice, Jessica Simpson. The treadmill pic has me puzzled cuz none of those heifers are ever photographed working out. I am wondering where Paris Hilton is? Maybe Pink didn’t want to give her any more hype, thank goodness!

  8. Lovely

    Mary-Kate Olsen (boho chic-esque), Jessica Simpson (being a slut on the car), Britney Spears (w/ fedora hat on), President Bush (thumbs-up), Paris Hilton (w/ the trashy-phrased T-shirt), Lindsey Lohan (in the car)

  9. Cookie

    In no particular order Jessica (car wash), Lindsay (in car), Mary-Kate (hippie look), Britney (in hat), Paris (homevideo), Girls who get breast implants, girls who throw up to be thin, girls who tan so they look burned, .. In the end I’m not sure. The Versace chick?

    The girl in the video is sooo cute.

  10. Cookie

    The one in the hat might be Gwen Stefani though.

  11. kat

    not trying to cross promote other blogs or anything but you can watch the whole thing on dlisted. it’s freakin hilarious – she parodies the paris hilton sex tape too… i almost pissed my pants.

  12. OneFineRican

    I think the one in the suit may be making fun of Caroline from “The Apprentice”

  13. in #2, she actually looks like anna nicole smith.

  14. Tracy

    I’ve watched this video and there was a whole write up about it.

    Like the other posters said; Mary Kate (boho) Lindey (car crashes) Britney (fedora) Jessica (stupid car wash dance)

    Although if you see the video
    The old school teacher is just on TV that a little girl is watching hearing how to act “perfect”
    Pink on the treadmill is that she is running and not getting any help from a trainer who is too busy with a busty treadmill runner
    Pink with a suit is basically trying to show what women CAN be cause at that time in the lyrics it says something about “what happened to thinking that us girls can be president”

    K wow.. thats alot haha sorry….
    Watch the video though.. you’ll get it!

    :) Tracy

  15. ShelbyPee

    I don’t know if anyone else was reminded of a certian episode of Laguna Beach with that treadmill pic, but it did me! BTW…It is definetley that girl from the Apprentice that she is making fun of in the suit pic.

  16. akadrenalinegirl

    Pink rocks! She’s making fun of Paris, Lohan, Fergie, the Olsens, any chick with fake boobs, she’s saying that Condi and Hillary are great because they are making it in a “man’s world”, and I think the old scary looking woman at the end may be that scary mob wanna be chick with the 3 boys with the hair that doesn’t move. You know, the one whose hair is so bleached it looks ready to crack and her lips look like two pankcakes that can’t move!

  17. i thought the one in the hat is J-Lo from her dance video where she, coincidentally, was also playing several characters in the club?

  18. ali

    Pink actually looks better boho. It’s funny but seriously, Pink should take her own advice and change her own fashion.

  19. Sarah

    There was a picture of Gwen Stefani on a treadmill with full face makeup about 7-8 months ago, so maybe that explains the treadmill pic

  20. Julie

    The one in the hat is Britney Spears. Thats basically the same outfit she wore in the Me Against the Music video with Madonna

  21. Brianna

    I think the boho look could be Nicole Richie too – the big sunglasses?

  22. Green Eyed Angel

    Could the the old hag in the white dress one be that Vanity Fair shoot that just came out with the Canadian punk rock girl… whats her name?

  23. Josephine

    so not Mary-Kate. look at the hair-its Nicole for sure. and the one with the pinstriped hat is Fergie…she showing off her “hump” and has a side pony tail.

  24. boop

    not fergie,

    gwen stefani…

  25. Onlooker

    i see paris, lindsay, britney, mary-kate….i think the gas pumper is jennifer aniston…oh well…who cares anyways…

  26. headmonkeys

    wah wah wah. I’m not famout cause I make shit music so I’ll lash out at people more famous (albeit not more talented, just lucky) Get a life Pink.

  27. Laura

    1: Jennifer Lopez (with those huge glasses and beads)
    2: Jessica Simpson
    3: Alicia Keys
    5: Britney Spears or Paris Hilton maybe?
    6: Lindsey Lohan

    Can’t even begin to guess he beehive one

  28. Person

    a user at youtube said it best:

    “while the video was very entertaining and the song has a seemingly good message, i think this is just a desperate cry for attention….deep down, she wishes she was one of the so-called ‘stupid girls’.”

  29. jed

    1. where is Hillary Duff in that mix?

  30. taya


  31. Mona

    the first is totally lindsay

  32. Kareboo

    No one mentioned it yet, but the tanning salon scene is Pink making fun of Christina Aguilera and her fake orange tan. There were pictures of Christina on the red carpet where her whole body was orange except the inside and behind her ears were totally neon white.
    Pink does look better than all of them put together.

  33. Hard-On

    Pink is the last person that should be making fun of anyone “she” looks like a man and probably is. Wasn’t “she” and her husband the stars of “Brokeback Mountain”?

  34. me

    1. mary kate

    2. jessica simpson

    3. britney spears

    4. don’t know

    5. fergie or paris hilton

    6. paris hilton or j. lo

    7. jenny mccarthy?

    8. jessica simpson again

  35. SlyOne

    The person she is imitating in the car is Ann Margret !

  36. Donnica

    Loves it!

  37. Lindsey G

    hello…how do you people not see gwen stefani in the fourth pic?!!?!?

  38. Lory

    1. Mary Kate
    2. Jessica Simpson
    3. Brittany Spears
    4. CHristina Aguilera
    5. Paris Hilton
    6. Lindsay LoHann (Kelly Clarkson?)
    7. ???????
    8. Jessica Simpson again

  39. Martin

    Pfft, pink needs to do more research into her videos. Everyone knows lindsay was BLONDE when she had the car accident. xD

  40. nina

    1.Nicole Ritchie with the beads(not MK cause she says Daddy’ll pick up the bills)
    2.Jessica Simpson
    3.Beyonce ‘s blonde wig and dance moves (dancing in videos next to black rappers)
    4.Herself as President
    5.Herself in gym
    7.Herself as Teacher
    8.Jessica Simpson

    love Pink, at last there’s someone to say the things that we all think

  41. Dee

    I can’t believe no one said Alicia Keys for #3. That’s the pose she makes in almost ALL of her videos. In fact, she wears a fedora and makes that exact pose in one of her videos. I wish I could remember which one.

  42. BlackSunshine

    HAHAHAHAA I love that Chick, I look forward to her new video… i am in tears too funny

  43. natasha

    the woman in the suit is definitely Carolyn Kepcher from the apprentice. so stop saying its “just showing that women can be powerful”. because its carolyn.

  44. natasha

    the image of pink in the suit is supposed to be Carolyn Kepcher form the apprentice. so stop saying its just pink “showing that women can be powerful and stuff”.

  45. Johan

    1. Paris/Mary Kate (one of the coked out whores)
    2. Jessica Simpson
    3. Gwen Stefani (Long hair, bra top, pants)
    4. Hillary Clinton (political aspirations)
    5. Avril Lavigne (The eye shadow and expression)
    6. Lindsey Lohan
    7. Just some broad
    8. Jessica again

  46. Lisa

    1. Mary Kate Olsen
    2. Jessica Simpson
    3. Fergie (or gwen, or even an old britney)
    4. Ellen Degeneres
    5. Paris?
    6. Lindsay Lohan

  47. Leon


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