Who Is Lindsay Lohan’s Mystery Man?

June 21st, 2006 // 29 Comments

When not getting into catfights with other celebrities, Lindsay Lohan always manages to make some time for lunch. The question is, who is she lunching with? He looks so familiar, but I cannot think of who the boy in red is? Does anyone have a clue?

More photos of Lindsay Lohan and the man in red, after the jump.


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Natasha

    jesse metcalf maybe? or the guy from bring it on?

    or is that the same guy.

  2. dc-20008

    doesn’t look familiar, but looks gay, so doubt he’s a boyfriend.

  3. TG

    lol it’s eugenne remm (sp?), nyc party promoter! SO NOT her new man! crazy the way rumors start….

  4. m

    Natasha lay off the crack ok?

  5. m

    Natasha lay off the crack ok?

  6. m

    Natasha lay off the crack ok?

  7. m

    Natasha lay off the crack ok?

  8. Hottie

    Yep, TG’s right. That’s Eugene Remm of level V.

  9. Gossip Guru

    I love her so much. That girl can do no wrong by me!

  10. Cheese

    It is Roger Rabbitt. Look at the size of his two front teeth. Fire Crotch is going to be aching!!!

  11. J Fran

    Looks like Justin Timberlake – bad finished maybe?

  12. Larilee

    It’s just Eugene Remm. I would imagine they’re business “friends”

  13. Barbara

    That’s her Jewish mystical advisor. Look at the beek on him in that first photo.

  14. las

    Doesn’t matter. He’ll be history by the time he’s identified!

  15. BANANA

    She is wearing JEAN SHORTS! Sinful – time to go to confession LiLo!

  16. Addict

    Wait! Is that my dealer?

  17. fifie

    He’s cute!

  18. k

    fire in the hole……..

  19. k

    fire in the hole……..

  20. k

    fire in the hole……..

  21. Janie

    i believe its one of her friends from australia.

  22. kat

    who cares…..mayhap it’s her coke dealer :-)

  23. Block, Jenny from the

    It’s totally Eugene Remm. He’s always up in her sh*t.

  24. Jewish Girl

    Wow Barbara you are ANTISEMETIC. Look at his beak, he is a jew? That is disgusting. You should be taken out and beat with a Scientology wand.

  25. danny

    These are NY club promoters, she is SOOO d-list now, i gues she ran out of celeb freinds.

  26. anon

    I got it… this is to prove that she knows ‘overseas’ men… so she planned this photo ops… good one Lohan … almost had me with this one

  27. NSP

    Eugene Remm is such a douch bag… I think he has STD’s

  28. Harvey

    Yea dude owns the Hottest Night club in NYCity well at least 1 of them i celebrated my bday there Tues on 2-24-09 check out the site for pics




  29. John Glick

    That is Eugene Remm he is the partner of mark birnbaum. Mr. Mark Birnbaum & Remm have built a nitelife empire.

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