Who Is Hiding Behind That Freckled Arm?

August 15th, 2005 // 7 Comments

Find out the obvious answer after the jump.

It’s Lindsay Lohan of course. She’s obviously embarrassed to be seen leaving Mr. Chow.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. saima

    Lindsay is looking much healthier these days. I guess anorexia didn’t take.

  2. Jane

    Gee, I wonder whose freckled arm and LOhand that is too….

  3. rob

    guess that bitch is still a kabalist

  4. I… farkin… hate… her… guts… so… much…

  5. raevee nyc

    As soon as I saw the dirty hand I know it was Hoehan… and for the record she never had a eating disorder, but her fondness for “china white” is another story-

  6. bad bunny

    i agree with saima, lindsay does look better, (and by that i mean not so skinny). i wonder wear she got the rose from? she kinda looks a little sad in the second picture. i don’t really like the dress…she’s always wearing black dresses it seems.

  7. google

    She is trying to be an unobtainable, perfect thang. Hohan, SNAP OUT OF YOUR POWDERY DREAM

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