Who Is Hiding Behind Those Hands?

July 13th, 2005 // 22 Comments

Find out after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Hmmm

    Drew Barrymore or Courtney Love?

  2. lala

    Reese Witherspoon…. duh!

  3. Hoyden

    Looks like Hilary Duff to me.

  4. MrVDO

    I’d say Courtney Love, but her hair is too neat.

  5. moi

    Kate Hudson or Paris Hilton

  6. Terry

    Cameron Diaz

  7. laura

    If it’s that big it must be Courteney Love

  8. Steve

    That’s fatass Courtney Love. I can smekk the skank from here.

  9. those look like water-retaining pregnancy hands..my guess is ms britney

  10. wkh

    its someone fat, thats for sure.

  11. Missy

    First, i thought courtney love, but then i was like, her fingernails are too long. Then i was like, it’s gotta be Britney, but then i was like, that hair is WAY too trashy, even for her.
    Then, after a second look, i’ve come to the conclusion that it’s gotta be courtney love.

  12. ilostmyshoe

    For some reason I thought it was Rachel Hunter. But she has no need to hide..unless she’s still wondering why she did “Dancing with the Stars.”

    I know I am.

  13. Courtney Love… what is she up to these days?

  14. Doing Research... AKA Working

    That ain’t Courtney Love — there’s no crap under her fingernails.

  15. Iloveweed

    Goldie Hawn…i think…

  16. lala

    HIllary duff.

  17. It is soooo Courtney. Black roots, sloppy prairie dress and casper white sausage arms. Rock on.

  18. pood

    i think its rachel hunter too…

  19. frederliner

    Courtney Love 4 sure

  20. badidea

    It’s totally Tara Reid.

  21. Airboy

    Yeah…ha…ham….that’s Cameron diaz.

  22. LaLa

    Did a search on Gettyimages and it is indeed Courtney Love at a Miami airport. Well done to those that got it right….

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